Waterfalls and mountains, two of the most gorgeous aspects of nature this world has to offer. Put them together and you have probably the most beautiful scene in the world. You know which country has an abundance of such beauties? Canada. You know which province has tons of them? Alberta, of course. 

If you live in Alberta, you definitely need to go on a waterfall-chasing road trip with your besties this summer. Here are 9 of the most epic ones Alberta has to offer that will make for the perfect summer destination. Don't forget your camera! These views are stunning. 

1. Athabasca Falls // Jasper

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This waterfall has the most stunning mountain backdrop. Head down there at sunset if you want a truly magical experience like this one!

2. Johnston Canyon Falls // Banff

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This waterfall is just a short hike through a gorgeous trail and the views are incredible. Plus it's a short drive away from the town of Banff, so you can grab lunch after!

3. Elbow Falls // Bragg Creek

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This waterfall may not be one that towers above you, but nonetheless is absolutely stunning. It's a popular spot to cool off after a nearby hike!

4. Cameron Falls // Waterton

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This gorgeous waterfall is just a five minute walk from the centre of the township, making it one of the most accessible waterfalls on the list!

5. Geraldine Falls // Jasper

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The hike to Geraldine Lakes is complete with waterfalls like this one. The true treat though, is the breathtaking view of the lake at the end!

6. Panther Falls // Jasper

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This waterfall is one of those ones that make you say, "holy shiiiiiiiiz". It's absolutely massive, and will remind you just how amazing this Earth is. 

7. Sunwapta Falls // Jasper

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Have you ever seen a more idyllic view? Sunwapta falls is a popular spot for photographers, and it's not hard to see why. Check out those glowing mountains in the background...UGH! YES!

8. Bridal Veil Falls // Jasper

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This towering waterfall is just as beautiful from afar as it is up close. Golden hour is the perfect time to catch this beautiful sight. 

9. Tangle Falls // Jasper

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This cascading waterfall is so freaking stunning. The many levels it has makes it super unique and interesting. Also the perfect spot to cool off on a hot day!

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