Waterfalls are something most people don't expect Alberta to have many of, but in reality, we have an abundance of them! And if you want to check 4 of them off of your bucket list, you should try this amazing hike just a little under 3 hours south of Calgary and 6 hours south of Edmonton. But we promise it's totally worth the drive.

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Crypt Lake Trail hike in Waterton Lakes National Park takes you on a hike and a boat ride, to 4 incredible waterfalls, some amazing caves and lastly, to Crypt Lake. Essentially, the epitome of a perfect day hike.

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The hike duration is 3 hours (one way), including a 15-minute boat ride to the trail. Crypt Lake Trail will not disappoint! It provides some surreal scenery from beginning to end.

However, we will give you fair notice - this hike is a high one, so if heights aren't really your thing, you might want to skip this one.

If you're a little bit of a dare devil and heights are totally your thing, this hike was probably made for you!

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You'll have access to 4 beautiful waterfalls during the hike: Hell Roaring Falls, Twin Falls, Burnt Rock Falls and Crypt Falls, all not far from the trail.

It is a (very minor) detour, but totally worth it in the end. What is more beautiful than a waterfall? A waterfall in the mountains, that's what.

And once you've completed the trail, feel free to go for a swim in Crypt Lake. The perfect ending to a perfect hike!

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The hike is open from May to October and has a $25 fee for the boat shuttle to and from the hike. Unfortunately, there are no advance bookings for groups smaller than 20 - so you'll want to get there early!

To find out more about the Crypt Lake Hike, check out their website.

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