Have you always wanted to summit a mountain but aren't exactly the Everest-climbing type? You crave those gorgeous mountain views and want the satisfaction of standing on top of one but have just never gotten around to it? Well, good news. Not every mountain summit is hard AF!

If you've been itching to get on top of a mountain and are only doubting yourself because it sounds like way too much work, then I'm about to rock your world. Ever heard of Tunnel Mountain in Banff? If not, let me introduce you. This is the view from the top:

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I know what you're thinking; "uh, that looks pretty freaking high up AKA a lot of climbing uphill". Well, it may surprise you, but although Tunnel Mountain has a mountain classification and the views from the top are certainly mountainous, it's really more along the lines of a big hill - a baby mountain, if you will. 

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Yes, that little mountain in the centre of the picture gives you views like this:

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The hike is 3.9km round trip, and has an elevation gain of roughly 260m. Although the hike is super short, it can be steep in some parts, so if you're a beginner definitely take your time going up! Plus, there are view stop points at multiple spots on the way up, each giving you incredible views of the surrounding mountains and of the town of Banff. There's even some super photogenic red Muskoka chairs near the top that just beg for an Instagram. 

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Believe me when I say that nothing compares to standing on top of a mountain, knowing the effort it took to get up there. It's made even better if you bring yourself a nice snack to enjoy there too! Be sure to pack plenty of water, and although the trail is heavily trafficked, it's always a good idea to bring bear spray when hiking in the mountains!

Happy hiking, friends!

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