When you were a kid, did you love bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses? Do you love watching the show American Ninja Warrior and are convinced that you could do way better than 75% of the contestants you see? Well then, my friends, I have a summer activity that is PERFECT for you.

There is a massive obstacle course that floats on water and it's right here in Alberta. The course is made up of a series of inflatable structures including a giant slide, diving point, and even a trampoline on water!

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Via Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash

Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash is located roughly half way between Calgary and Edmonton (AKA a 1h30m drive from Calgary), and it's the perfect destination for summer. 

There is no better way to spend a brutally hot Alberta day than making a splash on these floating challenges. It's prime for a little friendly (or not so friendly) competition between friends, siblings, or partners (loser buys ice cream on the way home?). 

Via Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash

Via Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash

The park will be open on the weekends of June 16/17, June 23/24, and will be officially open for the summer from June 30 - September 3. Pick a hot day, pack lots of snacks, drinks, and sunscreen, and head out for one of the most fun days of summer you will have!

For information on admission prices, click here. For directions, click here

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