As we get into the dog days of summer in Alberta, I always find myself asking "why the heck does no one have a pool here" (and every freezing cold winter/fall/spring I'm reminded why). But seriously, things can get pretty hot here for the few months that summer allows us, and since pretty much no one has a pool here, us Albertans find ourselves looking for more creative ways to cool off. 

Whether it's floating down the Bow River in an inflatable raft, stuffing our faces with soft serve ice cream from Stampede, or pumping our air conditioning up to full blast every time we get into the car, cooling down is a necessity when temperatures get as hot as they are today. 

If you're pretty much melting in this summer heat, I have the perfect oasis for you and your friends to escape to. It's better than any pool you've ever swum in, and the views are way nicer than the siding of your neighbor's house. Once you see photos of this stunning swimming spot you'll probably be texting the group chat and packing up the car immediately...

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This gorgeous mountain lake is the perfect spot to go for a dip on those sweltering hot days. I'm going to be honest with you - the water's not NOT cold... but the views definitely make up for it. Plus, there's a rope swing! Can't get that in your average backyard pool!

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Wondering where this epic hangout spot is? Quarry Lake Park is just an hour's drive from Calgary, located in Canmore. Pack a cooler of refreshing drinks, some snacks, towels, and sunscreen. Spending the day here with friends is an absolute dream! 

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