If you know anything about Alberta, it's either one of two things: The Calgary Stampede or Lake Louise. Rarely do people know more about our province than these two things, which is a shame since Alberta is jam-packed full of amazing and unique places that will take your breath away. 

Natural beauty is one of our main attractions, with the Rocky Mountains in our backyard and Banff/Jasper National Parks nestled within. Mountains that tower of you as you drive through them and remind you just how small you really are, gorgeous blue lakes that look like they're not even real, lush pine forests that you can get lost in for hours - we have it all (and lots of it). 

While all of the tourists back on a bus and head to Lake Louise, they often pass by one of the most beautiful gems in the province, which is arguably better than Lake Louise itself. To be honest, there's not much of an argument, this place is WAY better. It's called Moraine Lake, and it's probably the most stunning place you will ever see in your life (I'm not exaggerating). Take a look for yourself:

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Reasons why Moraine Lake is your next bucket-list destination:

1. Not as many tourists as Lake Louise.

2. There is a giant mound of gigantic rocks that you can climb up to get amazing views of the lake and find your own private spot (something pretty much impossible at Lake Louise!).

3. The water is bluer than any other lake in the province (or world tbh). 

4. You can canoe on the water for an unforgettable experience. 

5. Sunrises here are absolutely magical. 

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It is definitely in contention to be the most beautiful spot in all of Canada, and so many tourists miss out on it because they are just concerned with seeing Lake Louise! Take it from a local - Moraine Lake is THE place to visit, even if you're only in Alberta for one day. It's also SUPER close to Lake Louise, so you can easily do both in one morning!

For directions on how to get there, click here

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