Once upon a time, about hundreds of years ago, dogs weren’t meant for insta-worthy adorable pictures and to dress up in costumes. Believing they would be of good use to help explore unknown areas, our lovely ancestors were like “yo, let’s make a vehicle out of these cute little things”, and wala - dog sledding was born (in those exact words).

While the real labour use of dog sledding is pretty inactive now, the recreational aspect of it lives on. Available under the night stars and good ole romantic moonlight, you can go dog sledding at this mountain-scattered park in Canada, where the views of your surroundings are as perfect as the ones of the dogs.

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Operating in Spray Lakes, a reservoir in Alberta where the Rockies are visible and magical (just a typical day in the Great North!), the Mad Dogs & Englishmen sleigh ride is over an hour long in addition to its 30-minute pre-orientation on dog handling and equipment.

Running at about three evenings each month, the tour start times vary throughout the year - but waiting for the starlit sky to open up is always worth it! Also including photo ops along the way, the tour keeps you satisfied until the end where you are treated with a warm tent, hot chocolate, and home-baked cookies.

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The price of the tour ranges from $530 - $675 per sled; which is about $225-$265 per person. For more information, check out the official website!

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