Have you been dreaming about visiting Australia? Even if you can't afford the plane ticket to Australia, this spot in Canada will make you feel like you are in Australia's outback.

One of Australia's most famous sights in the outback is the iconic natural landmarks, Uluru. Here in Canada, within Canada's Big Muddy Badlands you can find a similar megalith that looks just like Uluru.

Both Australia's Outback and Big Muddy Badlands are remote locations that attract tourists for their stone megalith. The Big Muddy Badlands located in Saskatchewan, have a giant megalith created in the ice age that is 70 meters tall. When looking at photographs of Castle Butte, it looks just like a smaller version of Australia's iconic natural landmarks, Uluru.

If you want you can climb to the top of Castle Butte in Big Muddy Badland. No special gear is required, just comfortable walking shoes are needed as there is a walking trail up to the top. Along the trail up to Castle Butte, you can enjoy some incredible views. If you prefer to explore the area with a guide, there are also plenty of tours of the area available which run from May until September.

The Big Muddy Badlands has a rich history, as the remote location used to be a hideout for some of the most dangerous and wanted outlaws like Sam Kelly, Dutch Henry and Sundance Kid. In the rugged landscape, Castle Butte has been used as a land marker for hundreds of years. In the area around Castle Butte, you can still see some of the caves outlaws used to hide in.

For more information about Castle Butte, visit the Saskatchewan Tourism website.

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