There are plenty of reasons to want to get away for a while, especially in the middle of winter. Now that the holiday season is officially over, Canadians might need a vacation just to unwind from all that stress. Canadian travel trends for 2020 show just what kind of vacations people want to take, and they definitely embody some new ideas.

In a recent study conducted by Skyscanner, Canadians revealed the reasons they wanted to take trips this year. Far from embarking on long tours and fitting in plenty of sightseeing, people answered that they want their vacations to be different from what we all expect.

One of the biggest travel trends for 2020 is something that we can all relate to: food. As Instagram and YouTube have opened a world of culinary discovery to people everywhere, more Canadians are deciding to travel somewhere simply to try the local cuisine

Nearly one in five Canadians responded to the Skyscanner survey saying they would go somewhere just to sample regional dishes. These respondents were also more likely to ask for recommendations before travelling.

These people are also more likely to do their own research online to plan out all of the restaurants they want to visit.

Of course, Canadians have also shared some other less conventional reasons for travelling. One of these is is what Skyscanner refers to as "slow travel," where people emphasize resting and connecting with their chosen location rather than packing their daily itinerary with events.

Travellers might also choose to take a "JOMO" trip, focusing on the "joy of missing out" (making it FOMO's more optimistic sibling). These types of vacations focus on visiting less popular or offbeat locations to try and avoid the crowds. 

"Micro escapes" are also becoming a bigger trend, with people taking shorter trips to closer locations, like another Canadian province they've never visited.

The study also revealed that people are becoming more conscious not just about what they do when they travel, but how they travel as well. Sustainable tourism is becoming a bigger trend for 2020, with people trying to take more -eco-friendly trips. 

What all of these trends really show is that people are changing the way they travel for a number of reasons, but they still love to get away for a little while.

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