A lot of Canadians wish that they could see more of their own country, but we're so large and the flights are so expensive that it's hard to find cheap places to go in Canada. Why book a trip to another province when we can just as easily go to a Mexican resort for cheaper? We've put together a few places where you can have a spectacular Canadian experience while stretching your dollar. 

Canada is one of the top travel destinations in the world and we're lucky enough to be here! If you've never seen the expansive Prairies, the funky Maritimes or the lush West Coast, then it's time to broaden your horizons. Plus, there's a timmies here everywhere you go so you're travelling with all the comforts of home! Here are six of the cheapest travel destinations you should go to in Canada this year:

Edmonton, AB

Why you need to go: There's more to Edmonton than just their giant mall, although the mall is pretty cool! There are a ton of cultural hubs, festivals and happenings that make Edmonton worth a visit.


Halifax, NS

Why you need to go: Perched on our Eastern Coast, Halifax is a fun city that every Canadian should visit at least once! From Peggy's Cove and cheap lobster to the boardwalk and Titanic museum, anyone who loves the ocean will love the Maritimes!


Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: It's basically your patriotic duty to visit our nation's capital at least once in your life! From the Byward Market and National Gallery of Canada to hip coffee shops and gorgeous castle-like heritage buildings, Ottawa is amazing.


Saskatoon, SK

Why you need to go: Saskatoon is a charming riverside city in the Prairies that will pay off big time for anyone who visits. Plus, they have a slamming restaurant scene that foodies will love.


Naksup, BC

Why you need to go: All you need to know is that there's an amazing hot spring at Naksup and it's so cheap to stay here, especially if you're camping!


Montreal, QC

Why you need to go: Montreal is the perfect getaway for Canadian couples with some of the most romantic restaurants, bars and hidden gems around the province. Plus, what says "love" more than a fresh Montreal bagel?


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