I know that I'm going to be in my life, and when spring finally comes, I'm more than ready to hit the road, and get adventuring!

Sure, adventuring with your friends can be fun, but there's something about going with your significant other that's so much more satisfying! The two of you get to bond, relax, and spend some quality time together without the rest of the world and your adult responsibilities interrupting.

Everyone knows that Alberta is known for our gorgeous mountain views, but there's definitely a lot more to us than just that! We've got plenty of other amazing, quaint and lowkey towns where you and yours can plan a quiet getaway!

Take a look at our list, and send it to your boo ASAP so you can start planning the relaxing break that you deserve:

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1. Banff

It's no surprise that Banff is at the top of our list of romantic destinations. With it's mountain views, charming vibes, and endless things to do, Banff is the perfect spot for you and your loved one to get away from it all! Take a hike, grab some food, or hit the hot springs!

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2. Jasper

If you're still looking for a mountain getaway, but don't want to leave Northern Alberta, then Jasper is a great option! There's an abundance of gorgeous views to take in, plenty of hikes, and hot springs for you to relax, as well as plenty of great photo opportunities!

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3. Waterton

If you've done and seen all the Banff and Jasper have to offer, why not pay a visit to Waterton Lakes National Park? This park is equally beautiful, but a lot less jam packed with tourists. Check out some of the regular scheduled events they have going on, go out for a fancy dinner, or visit a quaint local shop!

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4. Lake Louise

The beautiful town of Lake Louise is perfect for the outdoorsy couple, or anyone who can appreciate a good view! The stunning turquoise lakes will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated and calm, and there's plenty of nearby hiking paths, or nature walks for you to check out!

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5. Canmore

If you want to get away for a few days, why not find a quaint and quiet spot in the beautiful town of Canmore? It's a great spot for camping, if you can handle the authentic outdoors for long periods of time, as well as taking in those perfect mountain views, or hiking!

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6. Sylvan Lake

Alberta is known for being full of beaches, but if you want to at least pretend you're somewhere a bit more tropical, you should definitely pay a visit to Sylvan Lake! As long as the weather is good, you'll be able to soak up the sun, and maybe do some boating or wakeboarding!

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7. Drumheller

If you and your significant other want to have some fun and feel like kids again, take a trip to Drumheller! You can go camping, or find a hotel or Airbnb, and spend a few days digging for dinosaur bones, and exploring the hoodoos.

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