We all know that Canada is filled with endless hidden gems, but there is one so hidden that you literally need scuba diving gear to help you explore it.

Located sixty feet beneath the surface of Lake Minnewanka, a lake in the eastern area of Banff National Park, remains the ruins of an old resort town that’s only customers are now fish and curious adventure-seekers.

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Dubbed as Minnewanka Landing, this summer village had lured travellers from across Alberta for multiple years. After the completion of their beach house hotel in 1886, the village saw a rise in visitors, and a community began to rise with it.

Over the years, the town began to grow quite a bit: it had four avenues, three streets, and numerous hotels and restaurants. Minnewanka Landing was making a name for itself- until changes to the lake began in 1895. At first, a dam was constructed on Devils Creek, and then a second dam was added in 1912.

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With the dams, the lake began to rise, and the town was abandoned after a third one was built in 1941. This caused the lake to rise by 98 feet, completely flooding the townsite and the bridge at Devils Creek.

Today, the Minnewanka Landing is now made up of abondoned remains, though it does make for an exciting adventure (as long as you can get past the freezing temperatures and all).

For more information on how to explore the underwater village,you can check out the detailed dive sites on Banff National Park’s official website.

And if scuba diving isn't for you, Lake Minnewanka’s glistening waters are also a great spot for troust fishing, kayaking, and more fun activities.

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