There’s no shortage of breathtaking waterfalls for you to go chasing in Ontario. Even in the winter, the frozen falls are a truly breathtaking sight. But, if you’re looking for something new to spice up your travels, we’ve got just the thing. The particularly magical Eternal Flame Falls lies just across the border in Buffalo, N.Y., and it’s lit ...seriously.

That’s right, a small flame literally burns behind this wall of water and it totally deserves a spot on your bucket list.

Eternal Flame Falls is roughly a two-hour drive from Toronto, making it the perfect day trip to take with your besties, in any season.

The 30-foot cascade of water features a small grotto that houses a naturally occurring gas spring.

You can light the gas to produce a small flame that burns continuously behind the water, and honestly, we’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

You wouldn’t think a fire would withstand the rushing water all around, but somehow this little flame still burns on. 

The flame is especially enchanting when it glows behind the frost of the falls in winter. Talk about bringing fire and ice together.

So grab your passports and get ready for the most lit waterfall chase of your life!

The hike to Eternal Flame Falls can be a little rough, so it’s suggested that you wear proper hiking attire and leave your pets at home for this trip. 

Winter offers a simply stunning view of the flame. However, if you’d like to see the waterfall in full force, early spring is touted as the best time to visit.

In the warmer months and leading into fall, it’s likely the falls will be reduced to a mere trickle of water. But, regardless of the season, the magic and mystery of the flame remain.

Whether you're in need of an excellent road trip idea or are simply so over Niagara Falls, this is the perfect solution.

If you're interested in knowing more about the science behind the falls and the fire, Indiana University geologists conducted a study that can be found here.

For now, though, we suggest you plan that road trip because you probably are not going to see something like this very often.

Eternal Flame Falls

Price: Free

Address: Eternal Flame Hiking Trail, Orchard Park, NY

Why You Need To Go: You can light up your next road trip with this enchanting waterfall that's literally on fire. 

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