Camping in the fall is one thing, but camping in Nova Scotia in the fall is a whole other ballgame. Along with the beautiful wooded areas of the provincial parks, our province features some of the most unique oceanfront campsites in the world. Whether you're a novice or a veteran when it comes to hitting the trails, you're bound to find something to challenge you, while providing some of the best views in the country.

So grab your canoe and check out what Nova Scotia has to offer you this fall:

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1. Kejimkujik National Park

One of Nova Scotia's more famous provincial parks, Kejimkujik spans over 400 km sq. of beautiful foliage, trails, and tranquil lake. Its name comes from the Mi'kmaq word that refers to the exertion required.  Located in Northumberland Shore Parks Region.

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2. Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The only national park on this list, Cape Breton Highlands Park offers stunning views from every angle. Hike the hilly trails, camp out on the sandy beach and explore the dense forests- you will not be disappointed. Located in Cape Breton Island Parks Region.

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3. McNabs Island

Often referred to as "Nova Scotia's secret", McNabs is the largest island in Halifax harbour, therefore providing campers with lots of great locations to explore and set up camp. Located in Halifax Region Parks.

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4. Amherst Shore Provincial Park

Another popular beach spot, Amherst is a camper favourite, thanks to its tranquility and serene beauty. Located in Northumberland Shore Parks.

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5. Long Lake Provincial Park

If you're looking for a quick getaway closer to Halifax, Long Lake is the place to be. The park recently opened up a new trail system, making it accessible for anyone and everyone. Located in Halifax Region Parks.

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6. Dollar Lake

Found in the Musquodoboit Valley, this park offers views comparable to paintings by the Group of Seven. Located in Eastern Shore Parks.

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7. Rissers Beach

Whether you set up camp in the woods or on the beach, the sights and sounds of Rissers are sure to blow you away. The boardwalk is a great spot for dogs and humans alike. Located in South Shore Region Parks.

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8. Five Islands Provincial Park

Five Islands offers some of Nova Scotia's most beautiful campgrounds. The stunning contrast of the red dirt, green forests, and bright blue water is made even more beautiful in the fall, once the leaves start to change colour. Located in Fundy Shore and Annapolis Region Parks.

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9. Thomas Raddal Provincial Park

The heavily wooded areas of Thomas Raddal park allow for more private and intimate camping spots. Grab your kayak and paddle across the bay to Kejimkujik, and hit two birds with one stone on your camping trip. Located in South Shore Region Parks.

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10. Kearney Lake Hiking Trail

Kearney Lake is perfect for a day trip, especially if you have kids. Choose your difficulty level and hike the trails to take in some incredible sights, which are made even more spectacular once fall hits the East Coast. Located in Halifax Region Parks.

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