Although fall officially began a couple weeks ago, only now are the leaves really beginning to change.  Nova Scotia is famous for having some of the most breathtaking provincial and national parks in Canada, and now more than ever you should get in the car and visit these landscapes as the leaves begin to create some beautiful canopies.

Get your friends together and take advantage of the important Instagram opportunity available this season by taking in the amazing fall views at some of these places listed below.

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1. Annapolis Valley

One of the most beautiful places in Nova Scotia to visit any time of the year, the valley offers some incredible views of colourful canopies in the Minas and Annapolis basins.

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2. Cape North

Drive up to the northeastern tip of Cape Breton and take in the beautiful foliage surrounding this tiny village.

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3. Lake O’Law

This Provincial Park located in the Cape Breton Highlands is an important place to stop along your leaf watching tour of Nova Scotia.  Located along the Cabot Trail, this park offers some unprecedented views of the surrounding Margaree River Valley.

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4. Ingonish

Drive out to Ingonish in northeastern Victoria County to catch the changing leaves at Cape Smokey and in the surrounding Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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5. Sutherlands Lake

The incredible foliage surrounding this tiny lake in St. Mary’s, Nova Scotia is worth the drive to see!

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6. Lake Portage Trail

For those that are more into hiking, try to catch a glimpse of the changing leaves alone this trail along the Cobequid Mountains, about 1km South of Earltown Village.

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7. Meat Cove

The fishing village of Meat Cove is the most northerly settlement in Nova Scotia, and a must see for those travelling the province watching the leaves change.  If you’re looking for somewhere to camp this fall there are also many campsites available in this area!

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8. Wentworth Valley

Not only is Wentworth Valley great for skiing in the winter, but come fall these slopes amongst the Cobequid Hills offer a fantastic panoramic view of the regions colourful foliage.

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9. Cobequid Pass

Along your leaf watching road trip take this highway for some gorgeous views of the changing leaves in Cumberland, Masstown and Colchester counties.

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10. Antigonish

Visit your friends at Saint Francis Xavier on your leaf watching road trip through Antigonish!  This town is a great place stop and catch some foliage views before getting onto the Cabot Trail.

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11. Victoria Park

This 1,000 acre woodland park in Truro, Nova Scotia is not only home to some amazing views of the changing autum leaves, but also great hiking trails, massive waterfalls and tons of diverse natural wildlife!

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12. Parrsboro

Located on the Northern Shore of the Minas Basin, this town in Cumberland County offers incredible views similar to those one might find in the Annapolis Valley.  Definitely a must see!

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13. Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world to watch the fall leaves change, the massive Cape Breton Highlands National Park features some incredible vistas from which you'll be able to catch breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

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