Ever think to yourself how nice it would be to get away from it all, maybe escape to an island and live out the rest of your days tanning on the beach?  Well, your antisocial Forest Gump fantasy is now more attainable than ever!  No need to browse for places in the Carribean or the South of France either - we've collected a list of thirteen private islands in Nova Scotia that are currently on the market for less than the price of your average city home.

The average price of a house in the HRM currently is just under $300,000 CAD.  For that and a little bit more you can afford any of these islands located all throughout the province.  Who needs the hustle and bustle of city life when you can relax with your Netflix account and the ocean on one of these spectacular pieces of land.

1. Whispering Tree Island // Digby

Cost = $49,900

Whispering Trees Island is located on Wentworth Lake, a 4 kilometer lake with beautiful waters in Digby County. This island offers mixed forest, bays, and beaches. Nearby, rivers connect Wentworth Lake with other lakes in southern Nova Scotia, making it an ideal region for canoe trips. The area is also perfectly suited for fishing, water sports, and outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

2. Big Tusket Island Parcel // Yarmouth

Cost = $65,000

Big Tusket Island is located within Yarmouth County and is part of the Tusket Island chain. A great place for a summer retreat, as power is available on the island. The Tusket Chain is a picturesque group of granite islands located off of Nova Scotia's Southwestern coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Primarily uninhabited or with a very low population density, the islands of the Tusket offer a very natural environment and a number of unique lighthouses.

3. Echo Island // Yarmouth

Cost = $165,243

Echo Island is located in the North Eastern end of Lake Carleton, in the County of Yarmouth, with spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding lake and all its natural beauty.  This island has a small cabin located on it that is wired for electricity to be fueled by a generator or, you can go green by utilizing solar panels or water turbines to generate electricity.

4. Leader Island // Jeddore Harbour

Cost = $165,000

Leader Island is a little undeveloped gem approximately 11 acres in size, with its own cove conveniently located 1/4 mile off the mainland in spectacular Jeddore Harbour.  This idyllic region combines convenience, beauty and a unique mix of traditional fishing community and burgeoning tourist destination. West Jeddore is a wonderful location to vacation and experience the best that Nova Scotia has on offer.

5. Jones Island // Argyle

Cost = $195,000

Jones island is actually 3 separate islands, all connected by a system of beach rock dunes and a large pond. This is a very habitable island with high land and grassy fields that make for great hiking. There are a few spruce trees, but generally open ground with panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding islands.

6. Calf Island // HRM

Cost = $220,000

This long narrow island is 26 acres of undeveloped land, perfect for someone looking to build a cottage or nature retreat close to the city.  The island is covered in trees and shrubs and isn’t too far from the mainland, with easy access by boat. Halifax is only about 2 hours away, and the small town of Sheet Harbour is only 25 minutes away.

7. Long Island // Cape Breton

Cost = $243,128

Long Island is located in the St. Andrews Channel of the Bras D'or Lake in Cape Breton, approximately 700 feet from the mainland, with full boating access.  As a result of its location on the Bras D’or Lake the fishing here is phenomenal, and the wildlife is superb.  The island has not been developed but was inhabited by several families many decades ago who lived here happily.

8. Bear Island // LaHave Islands

Cost = $290,000

Bear Island is one of the real jewels among the LaHave Islands archipelago of approximately 7 acres consisting of forests as well as the remains of pastureland.  At one time the island was inhabited by settlers, and an old stone well and foundation are the only remains from that era. The perfect place to build a summer cabin!

9. Little Tancook Island // Mahone Bay

Cost = $299,000

Little Tancook Island is located at the head of Mahone Bay, and is accessible by boat and ferry.  Today, the population of nearby Tancook Island is approximately 125 all year round, maybe swelling to 200 in the summer. Residents make their living solely on the sea as inshore fishermen or ferry crew. This deal would buy you a lot on Little Tancook Island, which has approximately 35 people, all of whom subsist on the sea for their living.

10. Middle Island // Port Medway

Cost = $300,000

Located near the gorgeous village of Port Medway, the water surrounding Middle Island is crystal clear – with white sandy bottoms and granite rock systems.  There are many beautiful towns nearby in this region of the South Shore you can boat to, including Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and many others.  Great location for a summer cottage!

11. Spanish Ship Bay Island // Spanish Ship Bay

Cost = $314,946

This beautiful ocean island is located on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore at the mouth of Spanish Ship Bay, near Liscomb Harbour.  The island is covered in trees, and the south side has access to the deep waters of Liscomb Harbour.  There’s a small sandy beach, with a spectacular area for boating, deep sea fishing and scuba diving for scallops!  Nearby islands are beautiful and sandy, perfect for day trips.  Only a 50 minute drive from Antingonish.

12. Smiths Island // Guysborough

Cost = $315,000

This beautiful 75-acre island in the town of Marie Joseph would make the perfect private summer retreat or nature preserve.  A private beach connects the island with the mainland.  The island can be easily accessed by a short boat ride from the nearby public wharf in Marie Joseph.

13. Richards Island // Tor Bay

Cost = $361,727

On the east coast of Nova Scotia in the marvelous Tor Bay near Guysborough this beautiful island is situated - a sheltered place and easy to reach by boat.  There’s a fully furnished house on the mainland property, and two small house ruins nearby.  The boating in the area is exceptional, with Casno and Guysborough near enough to visit.

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