If travel is one of your passions, you know how expensive it can be to tour the world for months at a time.  Each journey can take years to save for, and it’s super difficult to get more than two or three weeks off from most jobs.

The perfect compromise is working while abroad!  We put together a list of jobs that have straight forward certification process’ and allow you the chance to travel almost anywhere in the world.  Next time the travel bug bites, apply for one of the positions below in order to subsidize your international lifestyle!

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1. English Teacher

There are multiple services available that connect proficient English speakers with teaching opportunities in South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, China and many more incredible countries around the world.  In order to qualify typically one must take a teaching abroad course such as the TEFL, which can take a few months to effectively prepare you for the position.

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2. Tour Guide

Companies all over the world are constantly looking for enthusiastic, bilingual young people to lead walking tours of historic sites and private tours of landmarks.  Large companies like Exodus and Explore are great places to check out if you’re looking for these kinds of opportunities and don’t have a lot of experience in the field yet!

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3. Translator

This is another great job for those with the ability to fluently speak more than one language, and can be done at a lot of different levels.  Amateur translators are sometimes hired by individual tourists or travelers on a daily basis, while more experienced translators in the field may have the opportunity to work in politics or journalism.

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4. Flight Attendant

Completion of a 12-week course is all it takes to become qualified as a professional Flight Attendant!  This job can take you all over the world, and you’ll be getting paid to do it!  Explore international travel destinations during your layovers, and meet amazing people while you’re at it.  Check out the Atlantic Flight Attendant Academy if this is something that interests you!

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5. Hostel Employee

Many hostels will provide free housing and sometimes even food for their employees – with very few qualifications being necessary for the position!  These types of jobs typically don't pay any money, but the schedule is very easy going, and the free accommodation is a great way to save cash when travelling on a low budget.  A great resource to find jobs like this is Hosteltraveljobs!

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6. Cruise line worker

Who doesn’t want to get paid for travelling around the Caribbean on a luxury cruise?! Most agencies hiring for these positions require applicants to be over 21 years’ old, but if you’re old enough and even have some bartending or serving experience this position will be perfect for you!

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7. Bartender

Those with bartending experience and a travel visa will have a pretty easy time finding work just about anywhere they go.  In a lot of countries where English isn’t the native language some bilingualism will be required, however in very touristy parts of the world English speaking bartenders are particularly sought after!

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8. Instagram Influencer

Should you have a ridiculous amount of Instagram followers (10k+) many companies will provide you with complementary trips around the world at their hotels or using their travel services in order to promote their business to your audience!  Sounds like a pretty great way to get around if you ask me.

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9. Scuba Instructor

If you’ve already got your open water diving certification and prefer living under the sea to life on land, you might want to consider upgrading to become a PADI certified scuba instructor.  The pay can be pretty great, but I mean what could be better than hanging out on a boat all day, likely in a hot climate?  I’d do it for free…

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10. Music Festival Employee

Fans can apply to massive music festivals looking for stage hands or ticket takers as a great way to make a bit of cash and see some awesome live acts for free.  Working the tour circuit is an awesome team building experience, and there is a huge pool of music festivals all over the world for you to choose from!

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11. Au Pair

AuPairCare is just one of the many well known Au Pair services connecting young caregivers with families all over the world.  It’s super easy to save money working as an Au Pair because typically food and a room will be provided by your host family!  If you love working with kids and you love to travel this is a great opportunity you need to learn more about.

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12. Personal Trainer

Qualified personal trainers have the advantage of being able to work anywhere in the world, whether it be for private clients in one-on-one sessions, or for groups at a fitness company.  If fitness is your thing you should definitely think about getting certified and hitting the road with your skills!

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13. Freelance Writer

Today’s media climate allows many writers to work remotely and submit work online to publications thousands of miles away.  Travel stories are always a huge hit, and the travel blog business is currently booming!  If you’re an experienced writer or have a lot of travel insight, you should consider sharing your wisdom with the world.

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14. Travelling Musician

If music is your passion many cities around the world have application process’ that are super simple to go through that allow travelling musicians to play in public for money.  VIA Rail also offers an Artists On Board program that provides free national travel for musicians who audition to play on their trains!

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