If you’re looking for a super-romantic adventure to take this fall, look no further. This heart-shaped pond in Nova Scotia is a seriously stunning spot — and it’s even more captivating during the golden season!

Located in Halifax’s Hemlock Ravine Park, this unique body of water has been around for over 200 years.

Built back in 1794, the pond was created in a heart-shape to honour the love between Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, and Julie St. Laurent.

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Due to its romantic history, locals now commonly refer to the spot as “Julie’s pond.”

The pond is surrounded by a path, which follows the heart-shape. It's super easy to loop around and you can often spot wildlife at the water's edge, too!

Hemlock Ravine Park itself has over 200-acres of walking trails, nature observation spots and off-leash areas for dogs.

While the area is gorgeous and accessible all year round, it lights up during the fall season with splashes of red, orange and yellow in all directions.

Julie's Pond

Price: Free

Address: Hemlock Ravine Park, Halifax, NS

Why You Need To Go: Fall in love with the golden season at this super-romantic rural spot near Halifax. 

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