Canadian Lord of the Rings fans have more to look forward to than just the new Amazon show! You can live like a hobbit this Spring in Canada. I've always wanted to go wander the idyllic Hobbiton village and putter around in an adorable hobbit home eating seed cake and drinking ale. Superfans make the pilgrimage to New Zealand to see Hobbiton from the movies in real life, but there's a place here in Quebec where you can do the same!

The Hobbit House, or Maison de Hobbit, is one of the most adorable places you can stay in Canada. This eco-friendly cobb cottage has a green roof and it's warm and bright inside. It has its own kitchen, composting toilet and an indoor fireplace. It's a rustic retreat with just solar powerled lights and no electricity or wifi! You'll really be able to get into the Hobbit mindset without technological distraction. 

Via Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Hobbits are all about enjoying a quiet life. They love eating, relaxing and drinking beer. If you're crafing a peaceful retreat of your own this Spring, then a visit to this actual Hobbit House might be just the thing for you to unwind. This place really looks its best in Spring, too when the surrounding forest is just waking up from its Winter slumber and the green roof is covered in plants!

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You can book your stay at The Hobbit House online this Spring! Rates start at $150 per night and you can fit up to four people inside. They also rent treehouses, a yurt and a tipi! You can find The Hobbit House about three hours from Ottawa in Quebec.

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