There has been tons of speculation that seeing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's B.C. visit over Christmas means they'll be settling down in the province long-term. The couple was spotted on Vancouver Island over the holidays and the area they chose is truly awe-inspiring. In case you want to vacation in a beautiful location that is literally fit for royalty, we came up with a list of eight adorable Airbnbs that are super close to where the couple spent Christmas in 2019.

It has recently been announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be moving to Canada

After receiving a royal blessing from the Queen and giving up their royal titles, there has been endless speculation about where the couple will live.

Since the couple doesn't need a visa to live in Canada, the opportunities are endless. 

But out of our entire nation, B.C. has a real chance of becoming the duo's new home. 

While nothing has been confirmed, there have been signs pointing towards North Saanich as the detention since the couple spent a super outdoorsy Christmas on Vancouver Island

We may be getting our hopes up, but we can dream. 

In case they do decide to live in B.C., we came up with a list of Airbnbs that you can stay in if you want to feel like royalty but you're not about to buy yourself a castle or even a plane ticket to England. 

Airport Tiny House

Price Per Night: $45

Neighbourhood: North Saanich

Why You Need To Go: This adorable 200 square foot abode is perfect if you’re looking to have a home all to yourself. While it is small, it maximizes every inch and even allows for three guests. Plus it's right by the airport so you won't have to travel too far for accommodation. 


Price Per Night: $95

Neighbourhood: Sidney

Why You Need To Go: This home is literally on the water. This unique stay will allow you to enjoy all the views of the ocean while you bask in the beautiful surroundings. 

Watermark Suite 

Price Per Night: $180

Neighbourhood: Sidney

Why You Need To Go: If living on the water isn’t your thing, no worries. There is a gorgeous four-guest suite for rent that is right across from the water. The sunsets and the view alone are worth it plus you are a quick walk to beaches and tons of shops and restaurants.

One-Bedroom Suite 

Price Per Night: $95

Neighbourhood: Sidney

Why You Need To Go: This brand new suite is completely private and has an adorable outdoor patio and garden space. Enough for you and one other person, this place could make for the perfect romantic accommodation. 

Gorgeous 3 Bedroom Sidney Area Lindal Home 

Price Per Night: $184

Neighbourhood: Sidney

Why You Need To Go: While it may seem expensive, you need to keep in mind that it's an entire private cottage with enough room for you and five other people. It’s steps away from the beach and has everything we assume that Meghan and Harry fell in love with. 

Two-Story Heritage Loft

Price Per Night: $55

Neighbourhood: Victoria 

Why You Need To Go: This building from 1896 is right in the heart of Victoria and is so close to the waterfront. From Chinatown to the shops on Johnson street, this place has it all. 

Heritage Loft 

Price Per Night: $79

Neighbourhood: Victoria

Why You Need To Go: This loft is seriously cool and is right in the middle of Victoria’s old downtown. With high ceilings, exposed brick, and probably some of the trendiest decorating, you will be living in style. 

Downtown Waterfront Oasis

Price Per Night: $92

Neighbourhood: Victoria 

Why You Need To Go: This place is pet-friendly which means you, three guests, and your fur baby can all enjoy this spot. Sporting a rooftop patio, you will have the perfect view of the beautiful terrain. 


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