Everyone dreamed of having their own treehouse when they were small. Especially me, reading all those Calvin & Hobbes comics I really wanted a treehouse that could be my own private space alone in the woods where I could get up to all sorts of trouble with my stuffed animals. 

Just because we grow up doesn't mean we have to let those dreams die. There's a treehouse near Alberta that will make you think that you're actually living in a fantasy. The Montana Treehouse Retreat is just over the border from Alberta and it's a getaway fit for a king or queen!

This is no ordinary treehouse. The structure is built around four living trees and you can sleep right next to one of the trees in your bedroom! There are multiple levels, spiral staircases, outside decks and a working bathroom. You have all the comforts and amenities of an actual house but it's so much more fun being up among the trees!

This hidden gem treehouse looks like an actual castle hidden in the forest. If you've been looking for a unique getaway idea for an upcoming long weekend, birthday or just because—then you have to put this place on your wishlist. Having a romantic getaway here would make a really sweet surprise for your s/o!

Up to four people can stay per night at this magical treehouse. The rate is $536 per night so it's a good idea to split this getaway with friends or another couple to bring the cost down. There's a full kitchen with a BBQ and even a campfire ring so you can make your own food including s'mores! The treehouse is located in Columbia Falls, Montana about a five-hour drive from Calgary.

You can see more photos of this incredible treehouse and book your stay online at Airbnb.

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