If you’re looking to really elevate your summer bucket list for, we’ve got just the thing to peak (ok, pique) your interest. For the ultimate sunny-day adventure, you can climb an enchanting stone staircase up this enormous mountain near Ontario. And the views are out of this world.

At 4,867 ft, Whiteface Mountain, located across the border in Wilmington, N.Y., is one of the highest peaks in the state.

Seriously, you’re going to feel on top of the world here. 

And if you live in Ottawa, the mountain resort is just a short three-hour day trip away. Or it's roughly six hours from the 6ix.

Your adventure will begin on the Veterans Memorial Highway, an 8-km road that winds up the mountainside.

Wow, talk about taking the scenic route.

Eventually, you will reach a parking lot where you can get out and hike your way to the top.

You’ll have two options here, and they're to hike the stairs or to hop in the glass elevator and ride your way to the top.

We admit, taking an elevator up seems tempting, but the views from the man-made Stairway Nature Trail are so priceless you won’t want to miss them.

So strap on those hiking boots, everyone!

As if the bird's-eye views weren’t enough, you’ll also find a cute stone castle, a gift shop, and a restaurant at the top of this mountain. 

There is a $16 fee to get on the highway. This price covers one vehicle and the driver. Additional passengers will cost $9 each. 

If you’d rather bike than drive, you can expect to pay $11, but you will have to arrive before 4:45 p.m.

While you’re here, you can also take in thrilling activities like the sky ride or the Cloudspitter Gondola.

And, in the winter months, there’s skinning, bobsledding, and so much more.

Both the staircase and the highway are currently closed for the season, but they typically re-open in late spring or early summer, weather permitting.

So, keep an eye on the Whiteface Mountain website for updates.

Whiteface Mountain Staircase

Price: Starting at $16

When: Summer 2020

Address: Whiteface Mountain, 5021 Route 86, Wilmington, N.Y. 

Why You Need To Go: You can hike your way to breathtaking mountain views close to Ontario. 

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