Situated amidst the picturesque hiking trails of Beamer Falls Conservation Area, Upper and lower Beamer falls are two sights you simply have to take in this summer. Just over an hour outside of Toronto, these dual falls are the perfect mini Ontario waterfall tour. If you're looking for a magical summer road trip that takes you to hidden waterfalls, this is the one for you! 

If you’re down for an adventure, then the 11.6 km hike from Mountainview Conservation Area to Upper Beamer falls is a beautiful way to spend your day. The rocky trail will eventually lead you to Ridge Road where you’ll find a footbridge that looks out over the falls.

Parking is available off of this road as well, so if hiking isn’t your thing, the falls are more easily accessible from the parking lot.

Once you’ve soaked in all the beauty the upper falls have to offer, you can follow the riverbed down to enjoy the smaller, but still beautiful, Lower Beamer falls.

Be extra cautious on this walk, and avoid it when the water is high. From here you’ll have convenient access to the infamous Bruce Trail, among others, for even further exploration around the Niagara Region.

During the hot, dry summer days the normally mighty waterfall is often reduced to a tiny stream of water. The lack of water does make it easier to get up close and explore, but if you want to witness the full force of these falls, go in early spring or after a large rainfall.

Upper And Lower Beamer Falls

Location: Grimsby, Ontario

Price: Free Parking

Why you need to go: Two stunning waterfalls and endless trails to tour make Beamer Falls the perfect summer day trip.


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