Ontario is full of stunning places to explore and beautiful scenic views. While there are many well-known public hikes and trails, sometimes it's nice to step off the beaten path and adventure through lesser-known areas. You never know what hidden gems you'll find! One such secret treasure is Ontario's Flett Tunnel hike, a magical hike along an old railway track. 

Located in Thunder Bay, the rustic hike will take you through an abandoned railway tunnel. The massive stone walls and breathtaking grandiose of the place will have you stopping to stare in awe. The tunnel is so large that you can drive your car through it!

The track was once used by the Grand Trunk Railway, which was at one time the largest railway in Canada. Founded in the 1850s, the railway began with a line between Toronto and Montreal and expanded to connect other Canadian and American cities. The railway operated for several decades until it was absorbed by another company in the early 1900s. 

You can still follow the historic track today, and explore the areas where the great trains once raced across the land. The Flett trail will take you along old tracks and even to an abandoned railway bridge. Bring your camera, because the views are truly spectacular!

Flett Tunnel

Price: Free

Address: Flett Rd., Unorganized Thunder Bay District, ON

Why you need to go: Explore the historic railway line that passed through Flett tunnel, a massive cave with stunning scenery. 


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