I think we can all agree that we're more than ready for summer to arrive. We've been dealing with unseasonably cold weather this spring and it's just time for the sun to come out and the temperatures to heat up now. 

If you're looking for the perfect summer adventure this year, then a Sea-doo tour is exactly what you need. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has always wished they could ride a jet ski but just never got the opportunity or maybe you have and you love it so much that an epic tour on a jet ski is what you've been waiting for this summer. 

Either way, you need to hop on a jet ski this summer and explore the Muskoka Lakes with Seadoo Tours!

The Muskoka Lakes is known as Ontario's most scenic cottage country that Ontarians flock to as soon as summer starts. Relaxing on a dock, boating through the pristine waters, and hiking through the lush forests is what Muskoka is all about. A group called Seadoo Tours offers a new way to explore Muskokas best lakes by jet ski! 

The entire trip is 130-210 miles which convert to about 200-310 km. The tour will take you through Muskoka's 3 major lakes including Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph. The route will begin at the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst and will then take you into Lake Muskoka and past some stunning sites. Halfway through the tour riders will stop for lunch near Lake Rosseau with the option to stop at two resorts, the Red Leaves Resort or the Clevelands House Resort.


After lunch, you'll continue into Lake Joseph and back to Port Carling with a possibility for a short pitstop in Bala for some ice cream! It will most likely be a full day of riding the jet skis but you'll get to experience the best of the Muskokas from a view you've never seen before. 

We contacted the group and they told us "with respect to any given ride, each one has its own unique flavour and purpose.  The Muskoka ride is mostly about looking at fine real estate and a nice lunch.  This ride can be shortened to 90 miles or lengthened to over 200 miles in the day." 

They have many other rides to choose from such as a tour through Georgian Bay which is their favourite and overnight rides through 1000 Islands, the Ottawa River and the North Channel on Georgian Bay. 

Seadoo Tours is more of a club than a commercial tour company so there is no charge to join the tours. They don't provide jet skis for rent themselves but there are tons of places you can rent one for the day in Muskoka. There's a whole list of spots on the Discover Muskoka website that offer jet ski rentals for the day! Their goal with their website and Facebook pages are to "encourage people to try doing what we are doing with instructions on how to do it on their own." 


Check out their website for more information! 

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