One of the best parts about living in Ottawa is how easy it is to escape from the city. For the big(ish) city that we are, we should be grateful that we an be so close to nature.

Chelsea, just 10 minutes from downtown, brings an old world charm to the beautiful Quebec countryside. Wander around the main street in Old Chelsea and enjoy some fine dining or drinks in old log cabins or go hiking on one of the many beautiful trails in Gatineau Park. They even have a cat cafe.

Some of the best tourist attractions around Ottawa can be found in this municipality. Ever thought of braving Canada's highest bungee jump?

Here are 10 of the many things one can do their day trip to Chelsea:

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1. Grab a drink at Chelsea Pub.

238 Chemin Old Chelsea.

Drink some local craft beer at one of the oldest heritage buildings in the region. Drop into this log cabin that was built in 1875 and enjoy some apres ski after a day at Camp Fortune. Chelsea Pub is the crossroads for cross country skiers and hikers in Gatineau and is hands down one of the coziest pubs around Ottawa.

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2. Take a Me Day at Nordik Spa-Nature.

16 Chemin Nordik.

Treat yourself and spend these cold days relaxing in the hot baths at Nordik Spa. Justin Bieber even made the trip to Chelsea to check this place out.

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3. Hike to the top of Camp Fortune.

Or ski its slopes in the wintertime. Camp Fortune has activities for all seasons including zip lining and mountain biking during the summer months. Come in the fall to hike on its quiet trails to see some of the best views of Gatineau's coloured forests.

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4. Grab a coffee and pet some cats at the Cat Cafe.

205 Chemin Old Chelsea.

Drink coffee and lounge with cats. It's heaven, we know. Don't worry if you're allergic to cats since the only breed they have here are Siberians, which are hypoallergenic.

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5. Take a leap off Canada's highest bungee cord at the Great Canadian Bungee.

1780 Route 105, Chelsea, QC.

Drop 200 feet over Morrison's Quarry. Not feeling like taking a jump? Morrison's Quarry Beach is a great place to swim and hang out during hot summer days.

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6. Spend a day exploring Lac Meech.

One of the most beautiful lakes in Gatineau is just next-door to Chelsea and the Camp Fortune grounds. Enjoy a day at one of their beaches in the summer or hike along its trails in the fall.

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7. Explore the Carbide Wilson Ruins.

Just around Lac Meech, these well-preserved ruins are a treat for those who like to go explore anything off the beaten track. Bring some good boots for this 30 minute hike.

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8. Visit the sugarbush at Le Vignoble de Chelsea.

1582 Route 105, Chelsea, QC.

Embrace your inner Canadian and head to the sugarbush for authentic, local maple syrup. It's all about the warm maple taffy that you scoop off snow with a popsicle stick.

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9. Take a date to the charming L'Orée Du Bois.

15 Kingsmere Rd, Chelsea, QC.

Experience fine French dining in a rustic setting. The old world charm of the restaurant creates an idyllic atmosphere for anyone looking for an escape from the city.

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10. Grab ice cream at La Cigale.

14 Chemin Scott.

No trip to Chelsea is ever complete without ice cream from La Cigale. Just because summer's over doesn't mean you don't have time for ice cream.

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