Have you ever wanted to take a road trip through Ontario? Well, you should. Discovering your own province is not only a huge accomplishment, but it also lets you experience different cities and the cultures that come along with that city. Most of us probably haven't seen much of Ontario, and it's such a beautiful province that it seems like a waste to forget that we can go on vacation right at home.

You can visit these cities with anyone you desire, and tailor your vacation to your wants and needs. No matter if you're looking to relax, party, tour or all three, there are options for everyone. How amazing would it feel to say you've visited all of these places at such a young age? While travelling across the world is a luxury we all wish we could do, touring your homeland is a great feeling on its on. So here are 11 bucket list places in Ontario you should visit before you're 25:

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1. Wasaga Beach

A great place to take a vacation that's close to home. It's also a popular spot to rent for a week of partying, but we'll leave that decision up to you.

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2. Niagara Falls

Do I even need to explain why? This view speaks for itself. If you've never been, I highly recommend adding it to your Summer 2016 bucket list.

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3. Gananoque

Take a tour of the breathtaking 1000 Islands and you'll be amazed. You'll enjoy all of the views that the islands offer, as well as learn about the history.

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4. Kingston

Kingston is a unique and old city that has so much history. To get the most out of it, we recommend walking along the Kingston Waterfront as well as visiting the famous Kingston Penitentiary,

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5. Algonquin Park

You can visit Algonquin Park to hike, camp, canoe, basically anything you can think of. Just don't forget to look up at the sky at night, stargazing in Algonquin Park will change your life.

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6. Waterloo

Waterloo is a great place to go if you're looking to party. King Street is the most popular street in Waterloo for bars, but they also have an interesting cafe/bar that sells espresso during the day and whisky at night. Realistically, you could stay there all day.

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7. Caledon Hills

A cute town that has so many unique things to do. I recommend going to Spirit Tree Estate Cidery, which is a bakery, farm and cidery. It's a great day trip, just outside of Toronto. They are also surrounded by apple orchards and it makes you feel like you're in a different country. The vibe is so relaxing you'll never want to leave.

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8. Toronto

Probably the most obvious place to visit if you haven't yet. Toronto has so many things to do, it can be overwhelming. So here are 24 ways you can discover Toronto in 24 hours.

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9. London

There is always something going on in Victoria Park in London from vendors, to pride karaoke nights, to concerts. However, the most popular use for this park these days are catching Pokemon. Are you surprised?

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10. Muskoka Woods

The most amazing place in Ontario to rent a cottage. If you're looking to get away from the city and be on the water, this is the place for you. There's a reason Justin Bieber likes to vacation here.

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EXTRA: 11. Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, is the perfect place for a little getaway. There is so much to do downtown, whether you want to bar hop or shop (or both), there are so many options. We recommend shopping on Sainte-Catherine Street and stopping by Pullman for an upscale wine bar. Here is a list of other bars you can enjoy in Montreal.

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