Lanark County, made up of towns with long, winding streets of heritage buildings and open green parks, is an extremely popular day-trip destination for Ottawans and other people across Eastern Ontario. Growing up in Ottawa my whole life and having a cottage down there outside quiet Hopetown, I've frequented many day trips back and forth from the charming towns of Perth and Almonte and their surrounding lakes and rivers. 

Home to many local breweries, some of the best summertime patios outside of Ottawa and some interesting abandoned buildings, Lanark is the epitamy of a leisurely getaway and adventurous daytrips. You could come back and forth for days and explore an entirely new town each time, whether it's Pakenham with its ski slopes or Almonte with its waterfalls.

We've rounded up a list of some places to see for those short on time and who are just looking for ideas for a daytrip. While doing all 24 in 24 hours may be exhausting, the adventure is totally worth it. Here's 24 things to do in Lanark County in 24 hours:

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Visit the Five-Span Bridge in Pakenham

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Grab a famous cinammon bun at the Pakenham General Store, which has been operating since 1840

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Have a picnic at Stewart Park in Perth

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Grab a coffee at Coutts or one of these other cute cafes

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Rent a kayak at Perth Outfitters

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Have some Mexican for lunch at Mex & Co.

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Pick up a low-fat donut at Healthy Food Technologies in Almonte

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Take a walk up Mill Street in Almonte

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Take a photo underneath the iconic "Black Watch Chewing Tobacco" ad

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Grab some ice cream at the Daily Scoop

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Visit Gemmil and Metcalfe Park in Almonte

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Go treasure hunting at the Almonte Antique Market

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Take a quick walk on the Almonte River Trail

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Explore Murphy's Point Provincial Park

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Grab some pancakes at Wheeler's Pancake House

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Take a walk through Purdon Conservation Area

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Grab a pint at the Perth Brewery

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Take some photos and watch the roaring rapids of the Grand Falls on the Mississippi

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Take a stop at Silver Lake

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Snap a pic of Carleton Place's gorgeous town hall

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Have some patio drinks at the Waterfront Gastro Pub

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Explore the Mill of Kintail

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Take a walk along the Rideau River in Smiths Falls

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Visit the abandoned train bridge in Smiths Falls

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