When we think of exciting things to explore in our hometown, we always think it must be in Ottawa. However, we don't realize that there is beauty right outside of Ottawa, just as short as a 30 minute drive. It's amazing how much you can see close to home by just exploring and getting out into nature.

The Carbide Wilson Ruins, also known as just The Ruins, is a beautiful and mysterious hidden gem in Gatineau Park. It's a sight to see because everything around it, the architecture and the way it collides with nature, just doesn't make sense but it all works somehow.

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This location was once a experimental facility that was built in 1911 by Thomas Willson. He used it to support his chemical fertilizer research and it has since then, obviously, been abandoned. There is a collapsed dam as well as a bridge to get over the water and into the old broken down facility.

It's about a 30 minute hike to these ruins, but everyone who has been here can tell you it's so worth it. It's a prime spot for photographers (sure, that counts for us Instagrammers) as it is one of the most photogenic sites in Ottawa/Gatineau. If you're lucky, you'll be able to spend the day here just exploring every inch of this hauntingly amazing site. It's not everyday you come across this in Ottawa, and with the leaves changing soon, the scenery will be breathtaking.

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Even if you're not from Ottawa, the drive to these ruins is absolutely worth it. You'll get a day of history, nature and definitely an unreal Instagram picture out of it. These ruins are open all year, but I recommend going during the summer or fall so you can experience the beautiful waterfall and all of the greenery around as well.

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