There is no better time of year than the holidays–I'm sure you all agree with me. Whether you're spending it with family,  SO, or your BFFs, there is so much love going around and everyone seems to be in a great mood. The city is so pretty and everything just seems more joyful. So why not experience that elsewhere as well?

Most people think to take road trips in the summer because it's just easier, however, there is no better time than the holidays to pack up and go visit some unreal light shows. If you're not in the holiday spirit, you definitely will be after viewing these light shows. The trips are so worth it and hey, you'll get a bomb AF Instagram picture out of it too.

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Christmas Panorama // Simcoe

Christmas Panorama in Simcoe is hosted downtown, which is on a beautiful river. There are tens of thousands of lights used to light up the park and some special landmarks. To make it super romantic, you can take a horse-drawn trolly ride throughout the park to view all of the lights.

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Sparkles in the Park // Guelph

Sparkes in the Park takes place in Guelph's Riverside Park every year and it's a huge hit. You can find your favourite Christmas movie characters lit up in the park, as well as classic holiday characters. You'll feel like a kid again in this light show.

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Festival of Northern Lights // Owen Sound

No matter who you're with, you're bound to feel the holiday spirit here. From 10th St. to Harrison Park, there are trees, holiday characters, gazebos and lamps covered with amazing lights that make the entire city light up. This is the perfect idea for a little getaway, and you can bring some hot chocolate with you to keep warm.

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Winter Festival of Lights // Niagara Falls

You must check out Niagara Falls' annual Winter Festival of Lights. It takes place in Queen Victoria Park and the festival has 8 kilometres worth of lights, sound shows, 3D projections and way more. If you're looking to treat your SO, then take them here. Admission is free, so you'll get to enjoy this without breaking the bank!

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Distillery Christmas Market // Toronto

This festival in Toronto is everyones holiday dreamland. Pick up a cup of egg nog and walk down this market that is filled with lights, Christmas decorations and gifts that you can pick up for loved ones. You'll feel like you're actually in the North Pole at this market, and you can spot the holiday cheer from a mile away.

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Festival of Lights // Burlington

Lighting up Burlington for over 20 years, they definitely know what they're doing when it comes to light shows. You can pretend you're in Paris with your BFFs or SO in front of the tiny Eiffel Tower along with the other 60+ displays they have around the park. They're also super keen on going green, so they use LED lights to save energy. You definitely still get the white Christmas vibes though, so don't worry.

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Gage Park // Brampton

This public skating rink becomes a winter wonderland during the holidays. They have a big ceremony, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, which covers the town in bright lights and colourful decorations. There is a gazebo in the middle of the skating rink, which makes you feel like you're skating around in a movie. Don't worry about missing the tree lighting ceremony, because these lights stay up all throughout the holidays.

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