Ottawa is home to quite a few stunning places to eat, but there are also a ton of places just outside of the city that are totally worth the drive. Whether you're craving something sweet or something salty, there are places in Gatineau that satisfy all your cravings! Sure it's great to explore Ottawa, but sometimes it's also good to get out and try something completely different. 

So, it's time to take a quick drive to Gatineau to see some of the prettiest and most unique restaurants. Usually, the only things we go to Gatineau for are hikes or Nordik Spa-Nature, but now we can finally head over to try something we have never had before. If you're someone that loves to eat at spots that are aesthetically pleasing, then you will love checking out these new places to eat. 

Sésame Restaurant

Where: 20 Boulevard du Plateau

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This restaurant is a short 14-minute drive into Gatineau and it is worth it! The stunning interior will have you in awe from the moment you step in. Asian cuisine enthusiasts are welcome to discover this incredible restaurant just outside of Ottawa. They serve up an exceptional array of revisited Asian classics, made from fresh food products, without added MSG, and prepared in-house.


Cocoa 70 

Where: 1100 Boulevard Maloney O unit 514a

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There's nothing better than enjoying a delicious, sweet treat. If you like chocolate this is 100% the place for you! Sure there are Cocoa 70 locations in Ottawa, but the one in Gatineau is 70 times more unique. The chairs are covered in leaf print material and the entire cafe is white! This is by far one of the prettiest places to have dessert.


Haru Izakaya

Where: 25 Chemin de la Savane

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Calling all sushi lovers, you've found the perfect restaurant to try out! Haru Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant that serves up a wide variety of meals. From ribs to Katsu chicken to lemon chicken to all of their sushi, you will be spoilt for choice. Not to mention the fact that they have a happy hour menu where everything is pretty affordable.


Bistro Le Forain

Where: 189 Boulevard Saint-Joseph

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Now if you're looking for a truly unique restaurant, this is the place. Bistro Le Forain is filled with cute trinkets and unique decorations. There's also a staircase that has been transformed into a stack of popular books. The restaurant has a few murals and cool pictures hang everywhere you look. 


Olivia Bistro-Boutique

Where: 58 Rue Eddy

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Olivia Bistro-Boutique is a new restaurant that opened in Gatineau back in April and it's stunning. The vibe of the restaurant is modern chic. Their menu is filled with healthy options so if you're someone that loves to eat right, you have to head here.


Bistro Coqlicorne

Where: 59 Rue Laval

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This restaurant has one of the prettiest patios in Gatineau. The vibrant red chairs pop and the fairy lights brighten the sky when it's dark. Bistro CoqLicorne has a simple but colourful menu that offers a variety of tapas and grilled choices as well as sandwiches, soups, and salads.



Where: 60 Rue Bégin

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This restaurant serves up some of the freshest meals you will ever eat. It's an adorable shop that sells unbelievable breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Every morning they bake fresh homemade pastries and during the week they make a variety of lunches.  From soups to salads to sandwiches, this restaurant serves it all according to the seasons. 


Le Buffet Des Continents

Where: 4 Impasse de la Gare Talon

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This buffet restaurant has got your back when it comes to serving up a wide variety of meals. Whether you're craving European cuisine or Asian cuisine, this buffet restaurant will take you across the entire globe. The restaurant is massive making it a great spot to have a birthday party or a huge meet up with your friends. 


Les Brasseurs du Temps

Where: 170 Rue Montcalm

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Les Brasseurs du Temps is the perfect place to go to enjoy some drinks and your meal with an incredible view. This spot is a convivial brewpub offering typical bar bites and beers brewed on-site, plus beer flights as well as live music.


Ottavio Gatineau - Restaurant Apportez Votre Vin

Where: 56 Boulevard Gréber A

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Prepare yourself for some fresh authentic Italian cuisine. Head to this restaurant to try authentic thin crust pizza, savoury gourmet pasta, and signature mussels and fries. The chef and sous-chef create traditional and modern dishes, using only the best and freshest ingredients. 


Les Vilains Garçons

Where: 131 Prom. du Portage

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This unique restaurant serves up creative meals and has an ever-changing menu that sells small plates. Les Vilains Garçons also has an extensive beer list and a wine list composed of private imports.


La Squadra

Where: 114 Rue Montcalm

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This gorgeous modern restaurant serves up a wide variety of Italian meals. The design of this restaurant is super modern, with sharp lines and minimal accents —you will love this restaurant's overall aesthetic. 


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