When Drake wrote a whole album about views, it was about this place. Okay, obviously not, but it easily could've been. 

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Us Ottawan's love hiking in the summer. It's a great and tiring workout, but you get great pictures and memories out of it as well. Most of us have been to Gatineau Park to hike, but sometimes you want to change it up. A change of scenery is always good, and in this case, the views will blow your mind. 

Eagles Nest Lookout, which is an hour drive from Ottawa, is a must for your next hike. Located in Calabogie at the Calabogie Peaks Resort, Eagles Nest Trail takes you up and away where you can see trees for miles. It's absolutely breathtaking!

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It's hard to believe that this lookout is anywhere near Ottawa, but it's true. Eagles Nest Trail is an 8km (4 mile) hike there and back, and it's known to be a medium on the difficulty scale. You can get there from Calabogie Peaks Resort, and the views along the hike are so beautiful as well. 

If you're afraid of heights, this is a great way to combat that. The trail takes you gradually uphill, but stops at the 120 metre high cliff. That's where the best views are, and obviously, the most potential for an Instagram. 

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Of course this hike isn't just available in the summer. You can hike this trail all year long, but it's more difficult in the wintertime. If you find yourself always doing the same hikes in Gatineau Park, this will change it up for sure.

Whether you're on a date, with your BFFs or doing the trail alone to clear your mind, you'll never get over the views. If you're sick of the city, this is the perfect place to get away. With trees as far as the eye can see, you'll be refreshed in no time. 

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