Summer is the season to soak up as much sun as you can and going to a beach is one of the best ways to do that. There are so many beaches in Ontario that are perfect for summer weather, but this one has extremely clear water making it the best place to have a quick summer stay-cation. Not only is the lake absolutely stunning, but it is also surrounded by tall flat limestone rocks. 

If you've ever wanted to travel to Greece, heading to this Ontario lake a perfect alternative. It's time to get outside and explore the beautiful province of Ontario. Pack your towel, sunscreen, snacks, and make your way to this unbelievable lake in Ontario this summer. 

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Cyprus Lake is located in Tobermory Ontario and it needs to be on your summer bucket list. The lake is an iconic landmark of the Bruce Peninsula. The Cyprus Lake Grotto has gorgeous rock formations and rich turquoise water making it the perfect summer destination. This lake is one of Ontario's most prized treasures and you need to check it out this summer. 

When heading to the Cyprus Lake grotto you need to take a 30 minute hike through the 1.6 km Georgian Bay Trail. This will let you take in stunning views as you hike towards the incredible lake. You will have views of the Niagara Escarpment, wildlife, and a beautiful shoreline.

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There is a camp ground located on a small inland lake that has amazing views. The campsite is close to the shoreline perfect for water activities and beach relaxation. There are also 10 yurts that you can rent to have a luxurious camping trip you deserve. The yurts are along the shore of the lake so you are sure to have spectacular views during your stay. Renting the yurts must be done months in advance so if you'd like to rent them next year, be sure to keep an eye on their website here to see when reservations begin for next summer. 

With the yurts being pretty hard to reserve, the best option is to go camping the classic way. Each campsite has picnic tables and a fire pit grill. You do need to make reservations ahead of time for the campground, so be sure to book a reservation here. 

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Visiting the Bruce Peninsula takes a lot of preparation and planning, so be sure you know everything about it before you head out. This crystal clear water can't be missed this summer. For more information about Cyprus Lake be sure to visit the website here and to rent a campground close to the stunning lake, visit the reservation website here

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