Who doesn't love a road trip? You get to explore your province's terrain like never before. And every now and then, you find secret attractions along the way that you certainly wouldn't have come across had you been on a flight. Seton Lake lookout is one such hidden gem you can discover while road tripping through B.C. 

This particular lookout is near the town of Lillooet, B.C. The drive from downtown Vancouver is just under four hours. 

What makes this viewpoint spectacular is not just Seton Lake in the background but the U-shaped Duffy Road that runs right underneath the lookout. 

And it's also just off the highway so you don't have to worry about messy detours or exits. You'll need to be driving on the Sea-To-Sky highway that goes towards Pemberton

Shortly near Seton Lake, there's a quick pullout right before a turn. You can park on the side road itself and approach the trailhead. 

The trail itself is super short at 1.2 kilometres. It's relatively flat for the first few minutes but will get a little steep as you gain elevation. 

When you're at the top, go left and keep walking. Soon, the viewpoint will reveal yourself to you and you'll know you've reached your destination. 

It's an absolutely unique sight of its own. B.C. is packed with sparkling blue lakes all over the place but very few lookout points treat you to memorable views of a winding road next to the water. 

You can also feast your eyes on the surrounding Chilcotin mountains that make this trip all the more worthwhile.

But be careful about not getting too close to the edge of the lookout. There are a couple of loose rocks and you don't want to take the chance.  

Seton Lake is actually a fjord; it connects the Seton river to the Fraser River and is flanked by cliffs on both sides. 

The recreation areas around the lake, including the viewpoint, are maintained by BC Hydro. 

It's because BC Hydro built a dam in the area in 1956. There's also a campground near the dam which you can stay at on a first-come, first-served basis. 

There's also a beach nearby where you can enjoy the cool waters of the lake. Other activities allowed in the area include boating, canoeing, hiking and fishing. 

So the next time you're traversing through the picturesque roads in B.C., keep in mind that there's a magical viewpoint right off the highway that's just waiting to be discovered. 

Seton Lake Lookout

Address: Seton Lake Recreational Area, BC

Why You Need To Go: Check out a mind-blowing viewpoint that you can access via a short hike off the highway. 

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