Winter has some obvious downsides, from the bitter cold temperatures to having to shovel the driveway and every frosty frustration in between. But luckily, you can enjoy all kinds of incredible snowy adventures and activities that totally make up for all of the bad stuff. Snow tubing near Ontario, for example, is arguably one of the most low-effort thrills you can have in the winter.

Fortunately, for anyone in Toronto, cosmic snow tubing under thousands of rainbow-coloured lights is just a quick trip across the border and it’s so magical. 

Lunar Lights snow tubing at Peek N’ Peak Resort features an epic tubing hill with bright LED lights that pulse along to the beat of the music. The 2019-20 season kicks off next week, on Dec. 20.

Although it's located across the border in Clymer, N.Y., the resort is actually only about a three-hour drive from the 6ix, making it an easy winter day trip. 

Some evenings, the lights and tunes are controlled by a live DJ, transforming the hill into a real winter party.

And if you’re worried about walking up the hill, don’t sweat it. The resort has a magic carpet that will carry you back to the top.

So it’s time to bust out those passports because this awesome winter fun is just a road trip away.

The magic carpet conveyor belt takes all of the hard work out of snow tubing so you’re just left with the fun stuff. Simply hop on and wait as it pulls you back up. 

At the base of the tubing hill, you’ll find delicious hot cocoa, soups, and hot sammies.

So, you can refuel and warm up before gliding back to the top.

Of course, regular snow tubing is available as well. The hill is set to open this year on December 20 and tickets start at $20 for a two-hour pass.

There are a number of rules and guidelines listed on the website that you should check out before you go.

Full pricing and availability information can be found on the official website here.

Lunar Lights Snow Tubing 

Price: Starting at $20

When: Opening December 20

Address: 1405 Old Rd., Clymer, N.Y.

Why You Need To Go: You can experience magical lights and music as you soar down an epic snowy hill.

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