Canada is a truly amazing country to live in, there's just no denying that. This country has so much stunning nature from the east and west coast lines to the rolling farmlands of the prairies to the arctic tundra of the territories. 

It's truly a magical place here in Canada. I know I'm not the only one who wishes they could explore it all but just haven't gotten the chance yet. The Great Trail is a massive hiking trail that actually connects the entire country of Canada! 

They've now officially connected 100% of the trail to all 13 provinces and territories which is incredibly impressive. If you've ever wondered if there was a way to explore Canada through a cross-country trail, this dream has actually become a reality! 

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The Great Trail is 24,000 km long and fully connects all provinces and territories from coast to coast! It's taken a full 25 years to create this epic trail but now they've completed it and it's truly something every Canadian should experience. 

This trail is actually the longest recreation trail in the entire world now that's it's fully completed and it takes you through all the most beautiful sites in Canada. You'll pass through the Rockies in Alberta, under the Northern Lights in the Northwest Territories, along boardwalk trails by the ocean in Nova Scotia and so much more! 

It may seem impossible to hike a full 24,000 km and maybe it is, but 3 people are currently on the trail right now hiking coast to coast to complete it! 1 man and 2 women have all embarked on this incredible adventure to see every single part of our beautiful country. 

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But hiking 24,000 km across the entire country of Canada isn't everybody's idea of a good time. You can easily complete smaller parts of this trail anywhere you are in Canada. 

You can hike the 23 km Ridge Meadows Trail in Vancouver that takes you past rushing waterfalls and majestic mountain peaks. You can hike 28 km along the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail in Ontario that will take you along an abandoned railway track through lush forests and past stunning waterfalls. You can also hike the 90 km Celtic Shores Coast Trail in Nova Scotia that will take you through the breathtaking Cape Breton Island! 

If you want to spend a day hiking or even multiple days The Great Trail website has a list of journeys and places to explore which will help you plan an itinerary for your own hiking adventure no problem. Hiking isn't the only way to explore these trails either, you can also bike it! 

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Check out The Great Trail website to start planning your epic summer hiking adventures ASAP! 

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