Going on vacation is fun, but also INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE. You usually can’t just decide to fly down to the somewhere like the Caribbean for a week, you’ve likely had to plan and save money for months to get the vacation you want. 

And if that’s the case then good news for you, there’s an app that’s offering what are called ‘secret fairs’ for flights. 

And the savings are potentially massive for people.  

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The app is called Hopper and among the airlines that it has ‘secret fairs’ from Air Canada and WestJet. 

How much could you possible save by getting these secret fairs? People using the app could potentially save up 35% on a flight. 

These secret fairs come from seats that airlines typically have a hard time selling, if you’ve ever been on a travel site you’ve probably seen something that says there’s a deal for such a price but no time of departure or even a specific airline associated with it. 

Much like the one in the photo below.  

Via Priceline

Right now 60,000 routes with the secret fairs are only international flights, so you’ll actually have to leave the country to get in on the deal. 

Hopper guarantees a minimum 5% discount if the full details of the trip are shown somewhere else online. 

Among other airlines the app has flights for are Air China Ltd., Turkish Airlines and Copa Holdings SA from Panama.  

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So if you’re looking for a way to save money on your next flight out of the country this app could be your ticket. 

Source: Financial Post

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