As Canadians, the world is our oyster. I mean, people around the world love us. And can we blame them? Canada has signed mutual agreements with dozens of countries around the world to give us the opportunity to work and travel abroad.

Working holiday visas are one of the best opportunities young Canadians can take advantage of. If you're between the ages of 18 and 35, you can travel the world and make some cash while you do it. While the process isn't free, there are lots of countries offering inexpensive opportunities.

Most applications require a fee and you must also have a certain amount saved in your bank account. This is so that you can prove that you can provide for yourself prior to finding a job.

These two costs vary from country to country and you can stay for an entire year in most cases. Take a look at this list of some of the most stunning working holiday destinations around the world, with the cheapest visas and best job opportunities for Canadians.


Wine, the Andes mountains and, 6,435 km of coastline — three amazing things Chile has to offer. You can travel and work in this stunning country for up to a year.

The application for the visa costs $160 and you'll need $2,500 in your bank account. For those in the fields of business, technology, communications, and media, Chile is looking for you. If those types of jobs aren't what you're into, there are plenty of opportunities as an English language teacher.

Costa Rica

Lush jungles, volcanoes, and white sand beaches, what better place could there be to call home for a year?

You must have $2,500 saved up as well as $120 for your visa application to work in Costa Rica. Foreigners working in this stunning Central American country will often teach English or work waiting tables.

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This Mediterranean country is truly stunning. It's got crystal clear waters, charming little villages, and rugged wilderness for epic adventures.

Teaching English is one of the top jobs for foreigners in this country. The visa application is super cheap at only $95. If you're a little tight on cash, you can opt for a short stay of under six months which only requires you to have $1,100 saved up.

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If spending days drinking Italian wine and stuffing your face with the finest pasta doesn't sound like a dream come true, I don't know what does. This historic city is rich in art and architecture and has some of the best food in the world.

The fee to apply for a holiday visa here is $146 and you'll only need $1,630 saved up. Canadians here can work as a nanny, summer camp helper, or English teacher.


The opportunity to work in France is perfect for Canadians, especially French-speaking ones as you'll have an added advantage. You can work in France for as long as 18 months. There is no application fee for the visa, but, you will need $3,000 saved up.

Popular fields you can work in include hospitality, business, as well as culinary arts. I can't think of anything cooler than coming home to Canada with Parisian cooking skills under your belt.


This country holds so much history from medieval times to the world wars. Germans have amazing dining and let's not forget — endless beer.

If you're into science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, this country would be the perfect place to take advantage of a visa. Germany has a shortage of graduates in those fields and so they are looking for some new talent.

The best part about this visa in Germany? There is no application fee and no specific amount you have to save up. But, you must sign a declaration form that states that you have enough money to cover living expenses.


You can spend a year working and exploring in the culture-rich country of Japan. Another country known for some seriously amazing food, when you're not touring Tokyo, you can be mowing incredible sushi and other Japanese specialties.

Teaching English is one of the more popular jobs among Canadians. However, if you're in the business field, you can hop right into Japan's most booming industry.

Unlike other countries who allow working holiday visas up until the age of 35, to work in Japan you've got to be under 31. There is no application fee for this visa but you will need to have $2,500 in your bank account.


Amsterdam, coffee shops, and clogs, oh my! This country is full of culture and some of the nicest people around. When you're not biking around the city taking in history, you can be exploring the lush countryside.

Nannying and English teaching are two popular jobs for Canadians. The application for this visa is $57 and you'll need $2,000 in your bank account.


Spending a year immersed in Spanish culture? Yes, please! Sangria, siestas, and incredible beaches are just some of the things to look forward to.

Canadians working in Spain will typically opt for jobs in the teaching or tourism industry. If you've got a little bit of Spanish under your belt, employers will love you. Applications for a working visa in Spain cost $150 and you must have $2,100 in your bank account.

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