British Columbia's most gorgeous hot springs are usually pretty far-flung. Whether they're way up north like the massive Liard Hot Springs or practically right next to Alberta like the Fairmont Hot Springs, you have to be up for an adventure! There's a place off the coast of BC where they have gorgeous hot springs that are so far from the modern world that you'll actually need a boat to get there.

You have to plan for this epic BC adventure, but it's totally worth it. Hot Springs Cove is so remote that Google Maps can't even find you a route. You'll need to hire a boat or a plane to take you there! Once you get to the remote location of Hot Springs Cove,  then you're in for a real treat. You'll go on an idyllic boardwalk hike through the rainforest for 1.5 KM and then find yourself in the most amazing hot springs ever!

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The whole adventure should take you at least half a day. You'll have to dress for a little hike and pack your swimsuit. Once you get to the pools, they're going to take your breath away. The rugged, untamed rocks form natural pools and the oceanfront view really can't be beaten.

Also, just so you can manage your expectations, it can get crowded at these famed hot springs so you might have to get cozy with some new friends while you soak in the warm pools of naturally heated rainwater.

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You have a few options for getting to these remote hot springs near Tofino, BC. Check out Tofino's tourism page for more info on companies that operate boats and float planes that can bring you there! Prices can vary, but one of the most popular tour operators, West Coast Aquatic Safaris, will bring you to and from hot springs cove for $139 per person.

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