Have you ever gotten up close and personal with a polar bear? In Canada, a walking polar bear safari will take you as close as you could ever get to the furry white beasts.

Seal River Heritage Lodge is the only place in the country that offers this type of experience. The resort is about a half hour away from Churchill, Manitoba by bush plane and it sits right in the heart of polar bear territory; by the shores of the Hudson Bay near the Seal River estuary.

via @churchillwildsafaris

Polar bears are known to enter this area on occasion, which is why the facility has been optimized for chance encounters. Authentic wilderness-style lodging complete with grand windows and a viewing tower allows guests to observe polar bears, as well as take in the spectacular coastal views.

But those who seek a more immersive experience can opt for an Arctic Safari adventure, which sends people out to the Hudson Bay coastline where the majority of the polar bears reside. There are plenty of photo opportunities, as other creatures like wolves, caribou, arctic birds, other species of bears and belugas roam and swim freely in the 20,000-square-kilometre area where the safari will take you.

via @churchillwildsafaris

At night, guests can even participate in outdoors tent camping under the Northern Lights, where they can enjoy dinner and a glass of wine by a cozy campfire.

For more information, visit ChurchillWild.com.

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