It's become more popular than ever to pack your bags and travel the world no matter what destination you've got in mind. Though there is one company that has decided to have every destination in mind when it comes to the experience they've got for travel buffs, and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Silversea's World Cruise takes on 32 countries and 7 continents, including even Antarctica. The cruise launches from Florida on January 6th 2020 and makes stops at a whopping 62 ports over a 140 day period that is sure to be a life-changing experience. 

The ship is able to fit 382 guests and 302 crew members, and after boarding the Silver Whisper, you'll be traveling south towards the Caribbean Sea making stops in Puerto Rico and Barbados.

After that, you'll then be on your way to South America where you will get to check out cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

From there you'll head even further South where you'll be able to explore the Antarctic Peninsula on February 5th before moving on to South America where you will port in Chile! 

From there you'll be able to make stops in some of the hottest travel destinations to date right now such as Bali, Singapore, Phuket, Sri Lanka and Mumbai!

Then traveling to the Middle East to Oman, Jordan and Egypt! Of course, they don't forget about the Mediterranean, you'll be heading to places such as Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon and Poro before making your final stops in the British Isles and Scandinavia before arriving to your final destination in Amsterdam where you'll then fly home on May 25th! 

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Now you're probably thinking, this sounds like a dream come true, and it definitely is, but it, of course, comes at a price- and this one is steep. To go on the trip all-inclusive style, you'll have to fork over $62,000 per guest where you can stay in a 287 square foot suite. Or you can snag a 919 square foot suite that comes with it's own veranda for $240,000 per guest. 

Of course, that steep of a price doesn't come without a decked out cruise ship, the Silver Whisper has four different restaurants on board as well as a spa, a casino, a pool deck and a fitness center. So if you've got the cash to spend, this seems like a no-brainer, but for the rest of us this definitely sounds like a distant dream! 

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