Most people, upon choosing destinations for their winter getaways will divert one of two different paths. The first path includes making like the birds and flying south for the winter - to places warmer and a little less snow-laden than Canada. The second path is for those who can only be considered as a diehard Canadian - and dives even deeper into our great (but freezing cold) nation. 

Those who opt for the latter destination will want to start booking their next outdoors excursion right away. The Rockies - perhaps one of the most stereotypically Canadian landmarks that Canada has to offer - is home to some of the most beautiful hot springs in the nation. See how we're combining the great outdoors with the warmth and heat that the first group was looking for? We compromise here. 

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The Rockies have the most beautiful, clear blue water you'll have ever seen. Even in the cold of winter, the snow-capped mountains make it look even better. And to support and relieve you after a day of exploring, hiking, and skiing (there's a lot to do in the Rockies), you can look forward to the Radium Hot Springs. 

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Radium Hot Springs sits smack in the middle of the Rockies, making it fair game for those visiting both Banff, Alberta and those in Northern British Columbia. The water is kept at fantastically warm temperature (between 37 degrees and 40 degrees) and has a healthy mix of minerals to soothe tired muscles. 

It's fairly inexpensive to use the facility as well. A soak fee costs $6 or you can purchase a full day pass for $10. The hot spring is open year-round, Monday to Sunday, until 9 PM every night (opening times vary). So whether you're just looking for a nearby drive to soak up or you're searching for the perfect apres ski, this beautiful hot springs makes a convincing case. 

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