Hawaii is known for a lot of things - beautiful beaches, incredible resorts and a deeply spiritual culture. Oh and erupting volcanos - a ton of volanos. The consistently erupting Kīlauea volcano in particular has gotten quite a bit of attention this week, since this past Monday the lava lake overflowed, spilling onto the floor of the Halemaʻumaʻu Crater. 

The Kilauea has erupted quite a few times in the past, however the one that happened on Monday was the largest spill over in reported history. This is reportedly due to the increased build-up of magma inside the volcano, causing a spattering of gas bubbles within the lava lake to burst and come up to the surface.

The incredible video below shows the Kilauea overflowing with lava on Sunday, April 22.  

While watching the lava bubble and move is as beautiful and hypnotic as it is dangerous and concerning - there's no need to fret because no one was harmed by the lava. 

The volcano has been captured a variety of times while erupting and each video of the instance is equally as captivating. The video below is from January 2017. 

Kilauea 🌋 #kilauea #volcano #freshlava

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Source: Newsweek

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