Right now is the perfect time for cost-conscious travellers to see Canada, according to new data by Kayak.com.

The travel comparison site says April is one of the best times of the year to fly across the country, with the week of April 23 being the cheapest for domestic flights this year. Median roundtrip airfare for April is $384, which is 44 per cent lower than December and 25 per cent lower than July. Christmas and the summer break are typically the two most expensive months to travel Canada.

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Kayak lists the following domestic destinations as just some of many great flight deals for this coming summer :

  • Abbotsford— $396 (prices down 33 per cent)
  • Edmonton — $485 (prices down 40 per cent)
  • Hamilton — $445 (prices down 25 per cent)
  • Moncton —$518 (prices down 19 per cent)
  • Winnipeg — $485 (prices down 30 per cent

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Even if you aren't able to book a flight this week, you can still look forward to a price drop of a seven per cent in domestic flights compared to last year. That number is poised to increase in the next few months due to the launch of several ultra-low-cost carriers in Canada, which offer barebones travel options for significantly reduced prices. 

Flair Airlines, a Kelowna-based company, has been offering some great deals for several major cities across Canada. Swoop, WestJet's ultra-low-cost endeavour, and Calgary-based Fly Too will be offering similar deals when they launch in the later months as well.

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“Overall, average fares dropped 30 per cent resulting in the local market size increasing by 45 per cent,” said John Korenic of UBC.

Ultra-low-cost-carriers are able to sell flights for cheaper by offering low base airfares but charging for almost every other amenity, such as carry-on luggages and onboard meals. They also utilize smaller planes with less legroom and non-reclining seats, as well as secondary airports that charge lower landing and terminal fees.

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If you're a savvy traveller, you might still be able to work around those compromises. 

Cover photo is of Waterton Lakes, Alberta.

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