Christmas is over, the holidays are finished, and it’s still pretty dark and cold in Canada. It’s no surprise that thousands of Canadians are already dreaming about their upcoming March break, and wondering where to start when booking a spring vacation. Whether you’re looking for adventure and exploration or relaxation and sunshine, here’s the top 7 spring break destinations that are totally safe for Canadians to visit.

When it comes to booking a spring break vacation, it can be hard to know where to start.

Whether you’re looking for a high-adrenaline overseas adventure, or a quiet break on the beachside, it’s important to make sure your dream-destination is a safe one!

Thankfully, most Canadians are pretty savvy travellers, and Canada’s 7 most popular March break vacation destinations tend to be located in incredibly safe regions.

That said, it’s worth double-checking before you book your tickets and set-off, as the Government of Canada’s international travel advisories may sometimes surprise you.

So, grab your passport and your sunscreen and start planning an adventure to one of these ridiculously dreamy (and safe!) March break destinations. 

1. Athens (Greece)

According to Reader's Digest, Athens has been the number one March break destination for Canadians for several years. With iconic ruins, golden-sand beaches and all of the hustle and bustle of city life - what’s not to love?!

Better still, Greece is considered to be a safe travel destination for Canadians according to the Government of Canada, who simply recommend travellers to take “normal security precautions” in the country.

2. Reykjavik (Iceland)

While most Canadians probably aren’t heading to Iceland for the weather, there are many other reasons to head to this gorgeous winter wonderland.

The Instagram-worthy capital city is ideal for adventure-loving Canadians, and it has been deemed safe and secure for globe-trotters by the Government of Canada. Perfect!

3. Auckland (New Zealand)

If you're willing to go the distance for the spring break of your dreams, New Zealand could be the destination for you.

With an ever-increasing influx of Canadian tourists in March, Auckland is a one-stop-shop for crazy Kiwi adventures.

Fortunately, the Government of Canada doesn't have any unusual safety concerns for Canadians travelling to New Zealand, so there's nothing stopping you from jetting off!

4. Brisbane (Australia)

G’Day Australia! If you’re looking for some sun this spring break, you’ll certainly find it in the Aussie city of Brisbane.

Gorgeous Beaches. Incredible nightlife. World-class shopping and dining. Totally safe for Canadians.

At the time of publishing, the natural disaster part of the advisory mentions bushfires that are currently affecting parts of Australia. However, the government has not changed the risk level of the advisory, which says to "take normal security precautions." 

It’s a long way to go, but it’s definitely worth it!

5. Malaga (Spain)

If you’ve been dreaming of a European getaway this March, look no further than Malaga. With pleasant March temperatures, idyllic beaches and well-priced beer - it’s the perfect location for a dreamy spring fling!

According to the Government of Canada website, Spain is a safe destination for Canadian travellers.

6. Barcelona (Spain)

If you’re a lover of art, architecture and all things colourful, Barcelona is the place to be in 2020. With endless romantic streets to stroll along and so much free sight-seeing available, it’s perfect for Canadians on a budget.

While the long flight to Spain probably won’t be cheap, it won’t cost you anything to soak-up the city’s unique atmosphere and explore all the hidden gems that Barcelona has to offer.

7. Nashville (U.S.A)

If you’re not looking to travel too far this March, Nashville has everything you could possibly need for a rockin’ spring break.

With countless entertainment venues, music halls, bars and clubs, it’s a great spot for the music-lovers among us.

Better still, the US is considered to be a safe and secure destination for Canadian travellers.

Whatever you decide to get up to this March break, stay safe! 

You can find all of the Government of Canada's travel advisories by clicking here.

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