Ontario is a hotbed for paranormal activity. It's got everything from haunted houses and creepy restaurants to ghoulish forts and abandoned places.

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If you're looking for a scary adventure, check out these are 10 haunted places that you can stay overnight at in Ontario:

Bala Bay Inn


The Bala Bay Inn is said to be home to several spirits, one of which is believed to be E.B. Sutton, a well-known songwriter and musician. Past guests have reported a slew of odd paranormal experiences, including randomly levitating objects, unidentified voices and footsteps, and TVs turning on and off by themselves.

Canoe Lake

Algonquin Park

Canoe Lake is the site where famous artist Tom Thomson drowned (or was murdered) back in 1971. Many visitors have reported seeing his ghost wandering around the grounds of the lake. One photographer even claims to have caught him on camera back in 1980.

Chateau Laurier


Chateau Laurier is home to the ghost of Charles Hays, a victim of the Titanic crisis. Several odd occurrences at the hotel are said to be of his doing, including randomly moving objects and scary noises at night.

Royal York


Fairmont Royal York is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former employee who hung himself from a 19th-floor stairwell railing. Several staff have reported hearing strange screams and footsteps while climbing the stairwell, as well as fluctuations in the electricity in the building.

Fort George


Fort George was home to thousands of soldiers during the War of 1812. Several of these soldiers lived and died in the fort, and their ghosts are believed to still haunt the premises. There have been many sightings of ghosts dressed in army uniforms within the fort.

Fort Henry


Fort Henry is another historic military site that is believed to be haunted by several ghosts. One of these ghosts is the infamous Nils von Shoultz, who conducted a failed American invasion and was hung on fort grounds for treason.

Inn at the Falls


The Inn at the Falls is haunted by three ghosts that Bracebridge locals are very familiar with - "Bob", who often throws objects at people in the kitchen, "Charlie", who can be found sitting at the top of the inn's stairs, and "Sarah", who wanders from room to room while crying dramatically.

Ottawa Jail Hostel


The Ottawa Jail Hostel was the site where an alleged political assassin, Patrick Whelan, was executed by hanging in 1869. The hostel allows guests to sleep in its cells overnight, but be warned - Whelan's spirit continues to haunt the building. There were some incidences where people heard an unidentified voice reciting the Lord's Prayer in the halls.

Prince George Hotel


Prince George Hotel is home to the ghost of a lady who is often seen staring out of a third-floor window. Many people believe she is actually Lily Herchmer, the daughter of the original owner of the hotel,  and that she's still waiting for her lost love from two centuries ago to come back to her.

White Otter Castle


White Otter Castle is a 300-year-old log mansion built by a man named Jimmy McOuat. Jimmy died in a fishing accident back in 1918, but little is known of the actual cause of his death. Past guests who stayed at the castle have reported feeling his presence in the house.

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