Torontonians have the benefit of being close to the American border. Some may question why anyone would think being so close to the country that houses Trump and his minions is a good thing. Well, there's a simple answer to that - food.

There are some American foods not readily available in Canada that are so good that some Canadians will actually make the trek across the border just to get their hands on them. A two-hour drive is all it takes to get to the state of New York, so doing your grocery shopping in the States every once and a while isn't so crazy of an idea...

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Rarely do we Canadians ever envy Americans, but if there's anything they have that's worth getting jealous over, it's these 11 mouthwatering snacks:

(Note: There may be a few specialty stores in Canada (Sweet Emporium, Soda Pop Central etc.) that carry the following products; however, they are still not as readily accessible.)

Cookie Crisp


Photo cred - thejunkfoodaisle

Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Cocoa Pebbles / Fruity Pebbles

Lay's Limon

White Castle

Tahiti Treat

Photo cred - jenhabean

Jack In The Box


Turkey Hill Dairy

Shake Shack

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