Some people go on vacation to relax and get away from the city, and other people go on vacation to get fvcking wild.

If you're craving a destination that can keep up with your drinking habits, then this list is for you. These 11 places offer amazing nightlife, awesome beaches and super unique parties.

Make it your mission to check at least one of these places before the end of the summer! I'm sure you wont regret it.

1. Uruguay

Uruguay is home to one of the longest carnivals in the world.  This 40 day drinking fest is perfect for those of you who are part of team #PukeAndRally.  Good luck, stay hydrated, and safe travels.  There is also no minimum drinking age, so there's that.

2. Thailand

The home of the Full Moon Party on Ko Phangan’s Had Rin beach.  Aka, one of the biggest parties in the world.  Thailand also has insanely huge clubs that make Toronto's night life look like a quiet get together.  Be sure to check out "Tiger" if you're looking for the ultimate night out.

3. Ibiza

Take a note from Paris Hilton (who has been a resident DJ in Ibiza this summer), and book your flight.  Once the clubs reach full capacity (which is every night) the party moves on to the beautiful beaches.  Work on your tan while sipping early morning mimosas in Ibiza.

4. Tel-Aviv

Due to the fact that Tel-Aviv is Israel's wealthiest city, people have a lot of extra cash to blow on partying.  The locals are super friendly, and the beaches are gorgeous.  Golden Beach is known for their crazy parties, so be sure to put it on your bucket-list.

Photo cred -@yasmiin.a

5. South Beach

Miami is basically a no-brainer, and it would be rude not to include it on this list.  You'll be sure to run into a few celebs when visiting Mansion and Nikki Beachtwo of the craziest clubs in Miami.  Although, these crazy parties come with a big price tag, so be sure to save up for this adventure.

6. Munich

If you like beer, head over to Munich Germany.  Munich is home to one of the craziest Octoberfest in the world.  Between September and October Munich host a 16 day event that basically makes it acceptable to drink you face off for over two weeks.

7. Las Vegas

I'm pretty sure this is an obvious one, but there is no way I could leave it out.  The saying goes "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas", and that is for a very good reason.  If you're looking to drink, gamble, shop, party, and make overall bad decisions, head over to Vegas.

8. Vail

This is a winter lovers paradise.  If you're a skier or a snowboarder it is your civil duty to go to Vail Colorado.  Enjoy your days on the slopes, and nights at the bars/ shotgunning beers in a hot tub.  If you're looking to get an adrenaline rush while on vacation, Vail is your destination.

9. Ios

This tiny Greek island will completely crush your partying expectations.  Tourists come from all around the world to drink all day, and drink even more all night.  There is a bar on every essentially every street, making day drinking almost too easy.  And when you're not at the bar you can enjoy the beautiful views and beaches Ios has to offer.

Photo cred -Pinterest 

10. Pag

Pag is known for having some of the most insane pool parties in the world.  This budget friendly destination will provide an ideal place to work on your tan, meet new people, and get wasted. Because this is a cheaper option, you'll find a lot of students and young people headed towards Pag.

11. Lake Havasu

If you're an avid Pottahawk goer, make the trip to Lake Havasu in Arizona.  This floaty filled lake party is absolutely insane.  College kids from all around flock to this beach to get drunk, swim, and sail.  Be sure to rent/bring a boat, because that is where most of the partying takes place.

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