Spring has finally arrived in Ontario and although it's been a little bit rainy so far, it's just a matter of time before the sun comes out again. Summer is right around the corner and that means months of endless outdoor adventures! 

Hiking is the best way to experience all the natural beauty this province has to offer. While some of us love everything to do with hiking and the outdoors, others would prefer spending a little bit less time in nature if they can but also be rewarded with all the payoffs.

There's tons of hiking trails in Ontario that offer super short and sweet hikes that will take you to spectacular views!

12. Cranberry Bog Trail

Distance: 4 km 

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Located in Killarney Provincial Park is this short and sweet hiking trail that offers some stunning views. You'll definitely have to wear some waterproof shoes as you wade through some boggy areas and swamps but you'll get the chance to see some amazing wildlife sightings as well! 


11. Barron Canyon Trail 

Distance: 1.5 km

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This trail is the definition of short and sweet with stunning views at the end. This 1.5 km loop trail will lead you to the top of the 100 m deep Barron Canyon. You can take in these unreal views from above and definitely get some nature shots or two. 


10. Cedar Sands Trail

Distance: 2 km

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Located in Sandbanks Provincial Park is the Cedar Sands Trail which is the easiest trail to hike in the park. You'll get to stop at multiple viewing platforms along the way to take in the site of the unreal sand dunes and the flowing river!


9. Pinhey Forest Trail

Distance: 6.7 km

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The Pinhey Forest is one of the most magical places to explore in Ontario. The trail is split up into two sections, trail 30 & 31 and trail 32 & 33. The latter is 3.2 km and the former is 3.5 km long. You can choose to hike both sections of the trail or one or the other, both offering magnificent views of the forest canopy.


8. Cyprus Lake Trail

Distance: 5 km

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Located in the Bruce Peninsula National Park is the stunning, turquoise blue Cyprus Lake! There's a boardwalk trail that will take you most of the way around the lake and offer stunning views the entire way. This is definitely one of the most popular destinations in Ontario for a reason.


7. Niagara-On-The-Lake Waterfront Trail

Distance: 7.3 km

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Niagara-On-The-Lake has always been one of Ontario's top destination spots because the town is so pretty. But you can also take an amazing hike along their stunning waterfront. Along this trail you'll pass wineries, restaurants, shops, and historic military forts!


6. Tulip Tree Trail

Distance: 1.2 km

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Located in Rondeau Provincial Park is this stunning barrier free trail in the middle of the forest. This area is also filled with sand dunes, marshlands, boardwalk trails and tons of wildlife sightings. It's a stunning spot to see nature up close and personal since it's not super close to any big cities.


5. Spencer Creek Gorge and Old Dundas Station Loop

Distance: 6.2 km

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Located in Hamilton, the city of waterfalls, is this trail that's perfect for anyone that wants to embrace all the natural beauty in this province. Hike through the forest trails that will lead you to the stunning Tew's Falls, the valley of Spencer Creek, and the amazing Niagara Escarpment!


4. Haliburton Sculpture Forest Trail

Distance: 2 km

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There's a hidden forest in Haliburton that's filled with artistic sculptures to explore! This 2 km trail will take you past 27 massive sculptures and 3 sculpture benches that offer a unique contrast to the lush forest backdrops behind them. 


3. Kag Trail 

Distance: 2.5 km

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The Kag Trail is located inside the Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park that offer stunning forest views. You can wander through the trail and take your time admiring the red pine trees, past steep cliffs and shimmering bodies of water!


2. Shield Trail

Distance: 4.8 km

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Located in the stunning Bon Echo Provincial Park is the amazing Shield Trail. This trail will show you the rugged landscapes of the Canadian Shield and take you past the breathtaking rock face that sits 100 metres above Mazinaw Lake, one of the deepest lakes in Ontario!


1. Elora Gorge Trail

Distance: 10 km

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Although this trail is the longest on the list you can take tons of breaks along the way. There's so much to see in the stunning Elora Gorge like rushing rapids, flowing waterfalls and a gorgeous turquoise quarry! It's an amazing spot to explore that's worth the extra trekking. 


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