We are constantly surrounded by thousands of people everyday, and although it's nice to always have someone to talk to, it's also nice to just recharge and spend a few days to yourself. Yes-- you, yourself, and only you. It sounds lonely, but there are so many benefits to just spending time with your own thoughts and doing something new all on your own. Although it does sound nice, it's a hard knock life out there and it sounds scary considering that you'l be by your lonesome.

So for all those women who dare to challenge the societal norm and wish to take themselves on an awesome adventure, here are 15 destinations that are both stunning and safe you have to consider.

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Phuket, Thailand

If you're looking for another place to party it up and meet new people, Phuket definitely known for both its party scene and relaxing environment (for the hangover Sundays right after the insane party, amirite?).

Phuket is Thailand's largest island home to five star resorts, stunning beaches and amazing food that you can happily binge on without the fear of having your bff comment on your lack of table manners. Because of it's scenery, it is tourist central so it won't be hard to make friends with someone who speaks english and explore the island with.

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Auckland, New Zealand

If you're an adrenaline junkie who also appreciates a good view, you should definitely check out what New Zealand has to offer. While the amazing scenery is absolutely breathtaking, there are an abundance of extreme sports and activities such as bungee jumping and even sky jumping.

And with New Zealand's stable democracy and its neutralism with other countries, you should be perfectly fine travelling on your own in this country... just be careful not to break a leg if you decide to go sky diving.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

If you're like me and enjoy cuddling in an oversized hoodie during sweater weather, you better believe that this is the place for you. There may not be any tropical beaches, however the majestic Icelandic escarpments, relaxing hot springs, and gorgeous northern lights totally make up for it. And while you're stargazing at night, fear not because crime in Iceland is very minimal to none. If you're worried about not being able to speak Iceland's native tongue, you can breathe a sigh of relief because luckily most Icelandic residents are fluent in English and will be able to help you out in case you need any.

And let's not forget that Game of Thrones was filmed there so a GofT marathon is  a must during your stay.

Thinking of going to Iceland anytime soon? Check out this article to book your next flight for insanely cheap!

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Oslo, Norway

Crime rates in Norway are extremely low while its count on smiles are extremely high. Literally. In 2013, Norway placed second as the second happiest country in the world. That being said, there should be nothing holding you back from this beautiful European destination. Spend time to yourself on the slopes of Norway or do something outrageous and stand on a boulder wedged between two mountains thousands of feet up in the air in Kjeragbolten. 

Make the most of this destination and take an infinite amount of wanderlust photos & selfies-- do it, no one you know is there to judge you.

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Setubal, Portugal

Get your butt onto the coast of Setubal, Portugal and get your tan on! This small city in Portugal is pretty lowkey in comparison to Portugal's other crowded cities, so it's perfect for a private and relaxing vacay for your mind to destress and your soul to recharge.

Take your breath away with a trip to Serra da Arrabida National Park where the forest meets the sea, bless your taste buds and stomach with the amount of freshly caught seafood, and sip on some rich wine to complete your trip.

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Hilo, Hawaii

Bet you've never heard of this city in Hawaii, have you? This Hawaiian city is the largest settlement on the island with endless possibilities for you to just do you. Check out the natural scenery with a trip to the Akaka Falls State Park, where a beautiful 400-foot high waterfall will amaze your balls off.

Hilo is also known for the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation, so snack on delicious chocolate covered macadamia nuts while you work on your tan. You deserve it, girl!

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Perth, Australia

The beaches of Australia are famous and arguably incomparable to other beaches in its vicinity. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia also known as Australia's sports population. Go ahead and out of your comfort zone and play some volleyball with other people travelling solo or check out Kings Park, which is the largest inner city park in the world.

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Everyone's known since time that Switzerland has always been Europe's safe haven for years. That being said, here's another destination to look forward to and not worry about whether or not you'll get home in one piece. With lush green rolling hills, snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes, Switzerland is perfect for all you nature lovers.

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Dublin, Ireland

Top of the mornin' to ya! Find yourself starstruck in one of the million castles, socializing in one of the busy pubs, or simply vibing to the awesome Irish jigs taking place all over the streets of Ireland. It's a perfect place to immerse yourself in the beautiful rustic vibe of the city and just breathe in the fresh Irish air... just don't expect any leprechauns to entertain you because that's one thing you should probably not expect.

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Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Do you like pina coladas? Because here is the perfect location to sip 2 or 3 (or 5 or 6, hey no one's judging) of these cold boozy drinks under the sun and by the many beaches and islands that the British Virgin Islands. The water surrounding the islands are crystal blue and because the islands are small and secluded, getting an air bnb at this private getaway will be super easy. It's totally underrated but totally worth it.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Appreciate the countrysides of the Czech Republic and immerse yourself with its beautiful culture. In Prague, the romantic atmosphere of this European country with take your breath away and make you forget that you're indeed by yourself. In 2011, the Czech Republic was voted the fifth safest country in the world based on the World Peace Index-- I'll drink to that! Explore the many caves of this beautiful country, and enjoy a walk through the streets of Prague under the starts and gorgeous streetlights that'll have you feeling the feels.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There is so much history and culture associated with this country that you definitely have to check out. From Anne Frank's house to the Van Gogh Museum, there's always something there to learn more about if you're someone who just can't stop doing homework, even if you're on vacation.

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Whistler, British Columbia

British Columbia is a Canadian province known for its foresty beauty. There's urban Vancouver, and capital city Victoria but an underrated city in BC that you should definitely check out for yourself is Whistler British Columbia. Famous for its world known ski slopes and beautiful scenery, it's a great Canadian escape to spend the day on the slopes or on one of the many cliffsides and the rest of the night cuddled down next to a fire or under the stars.

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Boracay, Philippines

Enjoy the tropical weather of the Philippines at one of its tourist filled islands and prepare to have the best time ever. In Boracay, enjoy the white sand through your toes and just relax. If you're in the mood for something more adventurous, you can go island hopping to the many smaller islands accessible from Boracay or go cliff diving into the crystal blue lake. Regardless of what you're feeling, enjoy the endless array of delicious Filipino dishes that will surely leave you full of memories and even more food.

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Banff, Alberta

Enjoy a juicy angus burger as you explore this nature lovin' Canadian city. I'm sure you've all heard someone hype over the gorgeous views of this city but no matter how many things you've heard the story, the real deal never fails to take your breath away. Walk through Banff's National Park and appreciate the natural beauty of the parks or climb up one of their many park trails. There are endless things to do in this Canadian city!

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